Instagram contests are a worthy way to increase your reach on the platform. Contests on Instagram also helps you establish your image as a brand or influencer. It grows fondness and trust within the community which triggers to attract more audiences. You can gain followers and increase engagement with the help of contests. Thus, not utilizing this goldmine is foolish. Moreover, contests are not limited to big accounts only. It is a key feature that you can use to grow your follower base.

However, it is important to know the right way to host a contest and the right ideas that will catch the audience’s attention. With Instagram’s changing algorithm it might seem tough to keep track of how to make your content reach more and more people. Well, that is why we are here with the top five ways through which you can run a successful Instagram contest.

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Save and Share the Post to win

Instagram no longer prioritizes “likes” as much as it did. The focus is now on saves and shares. A salient method to detect and promote valuable content. Thus, with the primary rules of liking the contest post, one must mandatorily save and share it. It is an easy and swift way through which viewers can enter your contest!

Once you put up your contest post on Instagram, make sure to include the rule of saving and sharing in the caption. You can also direct your participants to tag your account once they share it in their story or feed. Sharing of the post is a boost that will increase the visibility of your contest as well as your account.

Tag to Win

Using this idea is one rapid and straightforward way of inviting potential followers into your account. It will expose your account to people who are not aware of you or your brand. All you need to do is ask your participants to tag their friends or acquaintances in the contest’s post. Due to this move, the tagged person will get a notification and check out your profile and can become a follower too.

If not that, the tagged person can take an interest in your contest and participate, further tagging more people. This process will create a viral feedback loop that brings more and more people to participate in the contest. As organically as possible, you are boosting your engagement and reach on Instagram through this method.

Additionally, to guarantee a more concrete result, you can ask people to tag a friend and ask the friend to follow your account to increase the probability of winning. Tag-a-friend in the comments also means you are going to get a lot of comments on the post, which will heighten your reach.

User-generated content contest

An effective way to be interactive and interesting while hosting a contest on your Instagram page. Through this Instagram contest, you are enabling your audience to participate more wholly in the contest. As a creator or brand, you can even make a hashtag relevant to the contest that will help you to keep track of participation.

You can ask the audience to post a picture of themselves and elaborate on how your account has been helpful to them. Make it mandatory to use the relevant hashtag you create, so you can easily see the progress of your contest.

Additionally, these types of contest don’t usually require physical gifts or discounts (unless you are too generous!) The winning prize can also be featuring the top three entries for the contest on your Instagram handle. A lot of small accounts who are getting started can use this contest idea for a cost-effective way to get organic results.

Scavenger Hunt on Instagram

In real life, scavenger hunts are usually one of the most loved party games. So just imagine the kind of hype it will get once you take it over on social media. And, what better than Instagram, right? This wild ride contest idea is innovative and people will surely remember you for your originality and stick by your account even after the contest is over. Moreover, scavenger hunts can be organized over a longer period, giving your contest more time to reach a wider set of audience.

You can use your Instagram feed to drop in Scavenger hunt clues and get people guessing. For instance, something Taylor Swift did before releasing her 2019 album “Lover”. Running a digital scavenger hunt is the new level of innovation that makes you stand out in the social media crowd.

Caption Contest

Another famous and successful contest is the caption contest. In this contest, you upload a picture and ask your audiences to caption it in the form of a game. They can drop the caption in the comments or share them with their caption version of the story. In both ways, Instagram’s algorithm is going to organically help you bring up your engagement rates.

Instagram contest setting is not as simple as it looks. You need to be clear with your goals and target your audience with attractive prizes. However, you cannot compromise on your budget and have a loss in the future.

Thus, plan out your contest campaign well before you go forward with it. Meanwhile, trying out the above five scintillating ideas is going to do you no harm.