Winter is that time of the year where no matter how much you try to save your money, or curb your expenses, you end up spending a major part of your savings and salary, especially when it comes to gifts and shopping for winter or the holidays that are coming in. Basically, winter is a huge drain on your finances. Whenever winter comes home, that means that the holidays are coming near, and everyone knows that holidays are the time for indulging, that is the time where you would not be judged by others and yourselves for taking that extra helping of dessert or the extra pint of beer and just spend all your hard-earned money away.

We also tend to let ourselves go and overspend in the spirit of holidays, which in other words mean, that in order to make ourselves feel less guilty about the money we spent on shopping, we convince ourselves that it is winter, it is the holidays and in the spirit of holidays and everything else in between, we ended up spending so much money especially the fact that we got excellent deals because almost everything was on sale. Plus, this was a one time purchase, especially when we would not spend anything else extra because of the fact that we bought whatever we wanted now. Is it not that way that we convince ourselves for the amount of money we just spent on shopping during the winters?

So, here are some money-saving tips for shopping this winter that will help us save money and ensure that we do not go overboard in spending during the season of holidays.

1. To start with, always make a shopping list

This may seem like the most obvious, and mundane thing to start with, but, this is one thing that will save you time, and money. You will know what exactly you want to buy and will also help out in not purchasing things you do not need. Apart from that, it will also help you find the best price they have to offer you for the products.

shopping list

2. Browse and shop online rather than offline

The next best thing after you curate a shopping list is to make sure that you browse and go through all the offers that are available online for the products you want to buy, and see if you are getting the best deals online for your product that you want to buy. You can compare the product prices and decide on what exactly you want to buy, especially when there are so many online shopping platforms that are available for you to go through and compare the various price comparisons that are available. A lot of these online shopping platforms also have a number of offers and discounts available, additional discounts and offers if you were to purchase various products using the cards from different banks, which will help you in saving money while you shop online. Another thing is that a number of these online shopping platforms have partnerships with a lot of banks during their sales, and many of them even have additional discounts, cash backs and every month instalment offers.

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3. Learn to plan ahead and cut back early

Planning ahead on where you want to go shopping, or where you would like to shop from online, really helps in reducing the costs and spending. Cutting down on eating out and that last minute shopping during the sales is also another way to reduce the excessive costs and spending that are actually heavy on your bank balance. Limit your expenditures and learn to understand what exactly can you afford. Have a spending limit for occasions during the season of holidays and make sure that you have a limit for spending on yourself as well. Also, just because you may be purchasing gifts for yourself, does not mean that you go overboard and above the budget because every penny counts and most of the time, you are just buying something for the sake of it without even realizing its actual investment value. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you start early, you also manage to save yourself from making impulsive and expensive choices.

4. Check your cards out

A number of cards, especially credit cards provide a price protection policy which means that if you buy a gift after the price of the product goes down, you can get a certain amount of money back, and many others even offer additional discounts and deals. This helps in saving a couple of dollars every time you purchase a gift. And the points that are generated whenever you buy a product using a credit card can also be used to buy gifts and gift cards. All of this though, depends on your credit card score and how you can utilize these points. But another thing to keep in mind is that while using your credit card, you do not want to manage to rake up a balance on the card which you cannot pay off, especially when you are doing your winter shopping.

credit cards

5. Create a separate bank account

After all of these points, if you think that you cannot manage to limit your spending, think of creating a separate bank account.

This will help you save your money, and limit the amount of money you actually spend on your shopping expenses. Apart from that, even if you do manage to exhaust the balance, you will know that you have exhausted your budget and you cannot spend any more money. And if you do not, whatever money that is left over, that goes back into your bank balance.


You need to understand that a product that is on sale and a product being a part of a deal are two very different things and concepts. If you are waiting for a huge sale to come through and your sale does not offer you the discount and price you were hoping for, and it is the same standard price, you definitely are better off not purchasing the product.

So, these are a few money-saving tips for shopping during this winter that will help you save your money and not burn a hole through your pocket. This is important because during times like this, especially just because it is the holiday season, you do not want to overspend and overindulge in things that you would have not normally done. Saving money is important, especially when you have to make sure that you do not burn a hole through your pocket.