Do you have a teenage son with whom you no longer have the same level of communication because he withdraws into his own world, which is challenging for you to enter? Don’t worry, we’ve got advice on how to spend time with your son without them whining, griping, or inventing ridiculous reasons not to engage.


When we consider spending time with kids, the first thing that comes to mind is going shopping. Shopping with your son is a great way to bond and create lasting memories. Check out the clothing store to find new styles he’ll love—this is especially entertaining if it is his first time shopping in a standalone store. Get creative with accessories or find something special in the toy section that reflects your son’s interests!

And if it’s more convenient for you to shop online, there are countless options on the plate. Depending on his interests or hobbies, you can get him something he’ll love, like a football jersey in his favourite team’s colours or a new video game console at an unbeatable price, and you can browse through these great gift ideas together. Shopping with your son means you get to personally pick out something that speaks volumes about how much you care about him.

Plan a Dinner With a Theme

Cooking together with your teenage son may be a lot of fun if you have the time. Keep this concept in mind for special occasions when cooking will take less time.

We advise you to hunt for unique recipes to try. Your son will be more interested if it’s food from places he likes to travel to or foods he has seen in his favourite movies.

Cinema Review on Couch

Everyone discovers what they prefer among the many different available streaming services. On the other hand, you may feel alone because everyone is using their devices as they like and you don’t even talk to each other after dinner.

Make sure to compile a list of your son’s favourite movies and TV shows to watch and discuss. Choose a title from the list when there are such evenings when you want to have fun and spend some quality time together.

You might suggest:

  • 1950s movies (a prehistoric era for them, in which telephones are mounted on the wall)
  • Great vintage movies addressing controversial subjects like racism, athletics, men in the workplace, etc.
  • TV shows featuring 80s cartoons

Sports Activities

Before engaging in some extreme activities, remember that a teenager’s energy is not similar to that of an adult.

We can engage in a variety of sports with our teenage sons without looking for potentially hazardous scenarios, including skiing, tennis, cycling, swimming, and more.

A lot of these things can serve as justification for a Sunday excursion. If you are not able to go out and do some fun sports activities, you can watch sports at home.

Many parents are becoming more and more aware of how great uniter family sports are. Many teenagers enjoy sports because they participate in them and are passionate about them, but there are many others to follow even outside of the Olympic season.

Take a Walk

At any age, for some people, it may be difficult to consider playing a sport together, but even teenagers can easily engage in the most basic physical activity, such as walking. Walking is a wonderful therapy and a great way to spend time talking with your child and becoming closer.

Decide on specific days or times of the day when you can go for a walk outside.

It will be an opportunity to discuss, explain, and teach the importance of physical activity for our health. An extra tip: you can download an app that tracks your travel distance, calories burned, and steps walked. So, the thought of hitting the target goal will be a great motivator for both of you.

Board Games

Only board games continue to allow us to spend time together among all the games that were played in homes when our children were just babies.

There are several different versions of the board games Monopoly and Ticket to Ride, both of which are extremely popular board games that your teenage son will like.

It’s true that you just can’t spend every day playing board games, but especially on those lonely Sundays when everyone runs the risk of spending the day alone in their rooms, a board game will allow you to spend time together, laugh, and just enjoy the day.