There have been horrible concert incidents that have happened over the last few years. This is the story of one terrible concert I went to when I was 17.

I know that Britney Spears has been making a comeback, and she’s a fantastic person. I’m glad that she’s finally free. I just don’t like her music.

The concert was full of weird people, too. I’m not sure what they were on, but I didn’t like it one bit. This one guy kept crying and shaking his head during the whole concert.

Britney got up on stage, and it looked like she’d been hit by lightning. It wasn’t an electric performance. She just couldn’t stop shaking. There are good dancers in the world, but I don’t think Britney’s one of them.

I guess she’s trying to make up for that 2007 VMA performance where she looked half dead. Really, just give up, though. There’s no way to fix that one.

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When the concert was finally over, it took an hour to get back to our car. Someone had broken my window and made off with my stereo. Which was just perfect.

I only went because my friends wanted to go. I don’t even remember why I agreed. People do dumb things sometimes. It really sounds savage to describe the event like that, but I’m just telling it how it was.

But this story isn’t really fair. Part of going to live concerts is seeing musicians as human beings who have bad days and bad years. Expecting perfection is a little ridiculous. That’s what recording and music videos are for.

It’s okay to love a celebrity and be a dedicated fan. Some fans want to experience celebrities as flawed people, and that’s great, too. Loving someone or holding them up as royalty is also natural human behaviour.

But, on the other hand, people pay a lot of money to go to concerts. It’s uncool to think about them as paid services, but musicians do need to be professionals. Nobody wants a cook to spit on their food, and musicians shouldn’t do bad things to audiences either.

But Britney was just going through a lot and couldn’t stop the machine she was on. She wanted to get off and didn’t know how to do it. I get it and sympathize.

We all have great terrible experiences in our lives. The good times blend in with each other, and we forget about them, but the bad experiences stick with us. Those experiences let us feel alive and give us lives worth having lived.