Can we say that 90’s fashion is making a comeback? Apparently, yes, 90’s fashion is making its way back as a lot of kids, younger adults, and even Millenials are flaunting the ways of the ’90s. One of the most noticeable styles to make a comeback is the skate style. Classic graphic shirts, vintage sneakers, caps, skate shorts, and long socks are just a few classic items still cool today.

However, do you really have to know what an ollie or a kickflip is? Do you have to own a Birdhouse skateboard just to look like a skater? The answer is a resounding no, as all you need are the right apparel and a rebellious attitude. If you’re looking for a new casual style to roll into, look no further. In this article, we’ll help you achieve that “Thrashing” look without having to bail on a skateboard.

The Shoes, the “Shoes”

Nowadays, nothing makes a statement more than the shoes you’re wearing. When it comes to making a statement and shoes, nothing really hits more than the Nike SB Skateshoes. Though these shoes were released in the early 2000s, they borrow elements from the ’90s, ’80s, and even the ’70s.

Nike SB skate shoes

These sneakers are a staple in every skating style out there. Originally intended to help skaters land sick tricks, these SB shoes had special insoles, more padding, and triple stitching. Whatever their purpose, these shoes look incredibly rad. These skate shoes should be part of your outfit, whether you’re going for a sick 360 flip over a flight of stairs or whether you’re just going out with friends.

Graphic Tees Still Look Great

Aside from the shoes, graphic t-shirts are part of the essential go-to package for donning the skater style. When going for a graphic tee, get one that’s a bit loose so you’ll feel more comfortable. Also, choose a shirt with a good logo or image that you want to show off.

Santa Cruz t-shirt

Statement shirts can also work, as long as you don’t use any offensive words or phrases on them. Finally, feel free to layer your shirt for a more relaxed throwback look. Just pair your shirt with a plaid or checkered pattern overshirt, and you’ll be looking “Thrashing” in no time.


Shorts or Pants? No need for bickering, as both shorts and pants do look good for a skater-style look. Say no to skinny jeans and sweatpants when it comes to skating. Technically, you can still wear those pants, but they’ll be too tight or too baggy. If you want a more comfy feeling, cargo pants are just right. Dickies cargo pants are usually the go-to pants for many skaters over the years.

Element skater pants

With pants, you really don’t have to be picky. Remember, the skate style is the perfect meshing style, comfort, and function. The key here with pants is to make them a bit loose and long. Don’t go for pants that are too short or extremely long. Even a straight-cut pair of jeans can look fantastic with a skater look.


Though summer might be a long way from now, shorts are a great way to keep cool. Though shorts offer less protection than pants during bails, many skaters favor shorts because they’re less restricting and allow them more control when landing tricks. However, you don’t have to be a skater to agree that wearing shorts often brings comfort that everyone likes.

Skate boarding shorts

For a more casual look, cargo shorts work best. Chino shorts also work best if you want a newer and cleaner look. Remember to make the cut a bit big and wide to maintain that skater aesthetic.

Rocking it with Hoodies

Another staple in the skater’s closet is the hoodie. Keeping it low-key is one of the many traits that some skaters prefer. Instead of being loud and proud, some skaters in the community prefer that quiet, sometimes stoic look while landing out-of-this-world tricks like the laser flip. Hoodies not only keep it low-key, but it’s also a great way to keep warm should the cold weather kick in.

skateboard hoodie

Never Go Wrong With Accessories

The best way to top off your skater style is by wearing accessories. Keep in mind a skater style never is complete without an accessory. One of the most go-to accessories for skaters is the cap.

Baseball caps are popular with skaters because they’re flexible and provide good protection from the sun. They also fit well enough and stay on the head when landing tricks. Trucker caps and beanies are also popular picks for headwear for those who want to get in the skate style. Other accessories you can go with are backpacks, wristbands, ballers, and if you’re feeling brave, try wallet chains.


You don’t have to be a skater to embrace their fashion. Admiring the sport and just wanting something comfortable to wear are good reasons to try out the skate style. Quality sneakers, caps, and hoodies are just a few items you can add to your style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your style. After all, skate culture can be synonymous with many styles, whether you’re grunge, punk, or street, whatever you fancy.