Black Tie for men

Happy New Year –  Black Tie What To Wear?

With a variety of snazzy parties taking place around the country to bring in 2014, we look at what you should wear to your black tie do. Wear proper ball tie, but just a black suit. The event is a top end do and you don’t want to turn up not looking like you’ve made the effort. Your bow tie should be plain and elegant, if it is one that you tie yourself then ensure that it looks smart and is not scruffily done.


Ensure that the shoes you wear with your tuxedo are polished to within an inch of their life, not showing any signs of scuff marks or dirt. This bring down the entire feel of the outfit. Cummerbunds are not really in at the moment, but if you insist on wearing one, do not wear a waistcoat as well. Choose one or the other.

There are a variety of different collared shirts to wear with a tuxedo. Ensure that whichever one you wear, fits in with the feel of the party ( whether it is fairly straight laced or a bit creative for example)- there are plenty of tuxedo shorts out there to suit all occasions!

If you need any help with buying a tuxedo for your next black tie event, then please email [email protected]

David Bekcham Black Tie


Mr Hare - Shoes for Black Tie event


Leonardo Dicaprio Black Tie


Charlie Chaplin & Albert Einstein Black Tie


Daniel Craig Black Tie


Dunhill3 BlackTie


Gerard Butler Black Tie