Whether you want to dye your beard to match your hair colour or you wish to appear more youthful through coloured facial hair, natural beard dyes are the safest to use. It not only completely changes your external appearance but also gives an overall neat and professional look, dyeing your beard enhances your features and adds to what makes you a gentleman.

Skincare is very important, and that is why natural beard dyes are recommended to be used when it comes to taking care of facial hair. But before we talk about bard dyes some of us might struggle to get a full beard in the first place there is an excellent beard kit available to help with growth at Mad Viking Beard.

Why you should use beard dyes

How To Dye And Maintain Your Beard Hair

Here are some of the reasons why you should start using beard dyes if you haven’t yet.

1. To cover grey hair

Beard dyes act as an incredible tool to make your beard look fuller and make you feel younger. It does a great job of matching your facial hair with the hair on your head. It blends the color to make it look more uniform.

2. For the love of beard

Most men are very particular about their hair, they like to oil and comb it. Some even apply beard oils and balms, if you’re one of them, you should add applying beard dye as a step to your beard care routine.

3. Because it’s a part of skincare

Skincare is for everyone and applying products on our skin comes with a question of whether it is safe to use. Hence here we are to tell you about the best dye for you to use.

Natural beard Vs. Conventional beard dye

Keeping in mind whether the beard dye you’re using is conventional or natural is mandatory, which is why you should know how harmful conventional box dyes with chemicals can be.

The ingredients include Ammonia and PPD which can be usually found in dark shade dyes, which causes extreme allergic reactions. Phenylenediamine can alone cause dermatitis, itchiness, anaphylaxis, chemical burn, itching, and swelling. These chemicals also cause hair dryness and impact your hair moisture, which negatively affects your facial hair and skin. But that’s not the case with natural beard dyes.

Here’s where henna beard dye comes to your rescue. It’s one of the natural ways to avoid all the side effects of hair colouring. Henna has been used for centuries to make hair dyes as it is one of the most familiar and fruitful natural ways of dyeing both facial and scalp hair. It is also known as a natural hair conditioner.

Made from the leaves of a plant which are ground into powder to form hair dye, pure henna originally comes with a red shade. Regardless of having a single fixed colour, it can be changed into a wide range of new shades by adding different natural herbs.

How To Dye And Maintain Your Beard Hair

Shades of Henna Dye

 These shades of beard dye henna are the best of all; you can choose accordingly which colour would look good on you.

1. Jet black beard dye

This dark black shade of grey is made together with henna and indigo powder. It adds fullness to your beard with conditioning.

2. Orange-red beard dye

It is best for light-toned hair, the unconventional henna with a combination of two different colours are the best choice if you want a light colour.

3. Light brown beard dye

This dye gives a pale shade of brown, a more natural look to your face. It appears as if you have not applied a dye on your beard at all. This mostly contains raw elements that make the henna even fresher.

4. Medium brown henna dye

This henna dye is usually wrapped in insulation bags to preserve its natural smell and colour. This product is best for men who have grey hair.

5. Dark beard dye

It is a mixture of components such as indigo, daisy, rose mallow, and neem powder. Covering your facial hair twice is necessary to attain a very dark colour.

Choosing the right colour

Even though it is recommended to choose a beard dye according to the scalp hair, natural hair colour sometimes does not match the natural beard colour. This is why we suggest you choose a shade that blends best with your natural facial hair colour.

If you have a lot of grey hair, there is more room to experiment with different shades. If not, you can always start with the lighter ones for them to match closest to your hair colour.

How To Dye And Maintain Your Beard Hair

How to apply henna beard dye

  1.  Stir the mixture of henna powder and three to four tablespoons of water in a bowl. Keep mixing it until you obtain a blended paste.
  2. Leave the henna mixture for 8 to 10 hours before you start applying it to your facial hair. Because pure henna leaves a red-orange stain, put on gloves or use a brush to apply the mixture to your beard.
  3. After that, cover your beard hair with a shower cap and let the henna stay there for almost 2 to 3 hours. Then wash the henna with cold water.

Proper Maintenance

After applying the beard dye it is important to take care of your beard by ensuring its proper hair growth, getting rid of dandruff and grey patches so that your chosen colour stays for as long as possible.

The skin on your face is much more sensitive than the scalp on your hair hence using products that are natural and reliable should be prioritized. Here are some tips you should follow if you want a full-grown healthy beard:

  1. Wash your beard regularly: Use gentle cleansers and sulfate-free beard wash so that your beard stays clean and smells great.
  2. Comb your beard regularly: Keep your beard from getting tangled. Use a beard brush daily to prevent knots and frizzy hair. Don’t forget to trim unnecessary hair, your beard needs to be well-trimmed.
  3. Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned: Use beard conditioning oils and balms to keep your facial hair smooth and soft. Beard balms are really effective when it comes to reducing itchiness, irritation, and dryness from the skin.

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