If you’re attending a silent disco party, then it’s time to start thinking about how to dress to the nines. Put on your best disco fashion and dance the night away to your favourite tunes from the 1970s. A disco party is all about releasing your inhibitions, listening to four-on-the-floor beats, and basking under sparkling disco lights. You’re guaranteed to have a night of fun at this silent event, especially because you’ll have full control over the volume, the music channel, and what you’re wearing to the shindig. Here are a few ideas on what to wear to a silent disco party.

Wear shiny metallics and sequins

sequins men

Disco fashion is nothing without shiny accessories. Think sequins, stackable rings, wide belts, shiny spandex, and silky slips. A stackable ring set is a great way to accessorize, and the accessories really do make the outfit. Show off your personal style with a gold stackable ring or a combination of yellow gold and white gold rings. Whatever you choose, Kendra Scott offers a wide selection of jewellery for you to wear to discos, dinners, and more.

Wide-leg pants are a must for any disco partyimg

Once you’ve chosen the shiny element of your disco fashion, you’ll want to opt for some wide-leg pants. Sashay across the floor at the silent disco San Diego event of your ’70s dreams. The best part about any silent party is the fact that you use wireless headphones to enjoy the music. You can switch to different channels of audio transmitted by the DJ and decide your own volume on the device. Silent disco headphones make parties and events a lot easier to focus on the music without creating external noise. Plus, when you want to talk to your friends or make new connections, you can easily remove your headphones and enjoy their company without loud music ringing in your ears or having to shout at one another. Silent events make for a memorable experience.

flared pants men

Platform shoes and boots are the way to go

Nothing says “disco” like platforms! Disco fashion is all about elongating your frame. The best addition to wide-leg pants is a good pair of platform boots or heels. These are an absolute staple for any party, regardless of whether not it’s in a disco theme. Platforms look great with skirts or pants, and they make dancing a lot more fun. With your bell bottoms in tow, these shoes are the best footwear for a silent disco.

Put a psychedelic spin on your outfit

psychedelic print

Parties give you an excuse to step out of your comfort zone. Leave the basics at home and opt for printed patterns, swirls, and bright colors instead. It’s a great setting for people who normally don’t feel comfortable wearing something loud. This is because the room will be relatively dim apart from the flashing lights. Be bold and go for something you wouldn’t normally wear. Put a psychedelic spin on your outfit by wearing fun patterns, colourful pants, retro sunglasses, or even a hat.

The best part about attending a silent disco party is that you can stay there all night long thanks to the fact that it bypasses noise ordinances and other limitations. Silent parties also allow you to control your music channel or lower the volume on your headphones. You have the flexibility to remove them when you want to speak to people or put them back on when you’re ready to party. This innovation has changed the means of entertainment. The ideas above are some great ideas for fun, inspired, and bold disco fashion. So, you can attend your silent disco dressed to the nines and ready to groove.