Men’s clothing is the most less-talked-about topic. We frequently see plenty of blogs covering women’s clothing but hardly anything about men. But today, we thought of highlighting our blog on five types of clothing men should own.

So, a big shout to all the boys as you must have all these in your wardrobe! So, let’s dive in to find out in detail what the seven must-haves in your cupboard should be. Here are the following:

1. Activewear

Men are out and about and need to remain comfortable at all times. It doesn’t necessarily imply that women don’t, but men tend to be more uncomfortable with odd clothing. And mens activewear can be their go-to whether going to the gym, cycling, or any other stressful activity. So, if you are looking for what to store in your wardrobe, remember that activewear is a must-have.

2. Suits!

A gentleman with a suit is a wonder to look at! And don’t refrain from wearing a nice one! Get yourself a few suits for parties and some for your special meetings, and be sure to ace your demeanour at all times.

To give your suits a special variety, you can go for ties, scarves, and bows as they grace up your look extraordinarily. However, assess the occasion well, and only then choose the accessory properly to go with your suit. Once you make the right choices in this category, you’re good to go!

3. Tees & Jeans



One of the most casual and go-to for men and women is a pair of jeans. A wardrobe is incomplete without a good pair of jeans to pump up your look. Ensure you maintain them well because jeans can wear off quickly.

Any casual occasion can be graced quite well with jeans and a t-shirt. Wear a casual t-shirt, and you’re going to look like a cool dude!

4. Trousers!

Office mornings are one of those days when you look for proper fitting trousers. Wearing a good pair of trousers with your shirt will make you look like a professional guy. But remember to get a number of shades to pair them well with your shirts.

Some men also prefer striped trousers, which look fantastic with a solid-coloured shirt. So, go ahead and wear them and keep your wardrobe updated at all times.

5. Shirts



The ones that go with the suit, the ones that will go with your trousers, the ones that you can pair with your jeans and some that go well with your t-shirt. So many ways are present for people to dress up and pump up their look when wearing a shirt, from florals to prints to stripes to solids to checks and more to add to your cupboard.

So, if you are missing out on even one of the mentioned above, get yourself a few to ace your look at all times.

6. Cardigans

Reiss belted cardigan for men

Reiss belted cardigan

A simple cardigan with a pair of jeans can bring about a great look at all times. You will look like a pro at all levels if you try out a cardigan. Have a few solid-coloured cardigans, and see how you stand out from other men you meet. At times, pairing that up with a scarf might also look great. However, you can let that be if you aren’t comfortable enough.

7. Jackets

Jackets pair up well with jeans and t-shirts. If you haven’t given this one a try yet and don’t have one, why don’t you rethink? Grace your wardrobe with a jacket and see how elegant and smart you look. I’m sure you’ll have several women going head over heels for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to choose the right piece of clothing and understand what looks good on you. But the list I’ve spoken of above is elegant and can make you look like a hunk at all times. However, you must assess the prints well, decide on your height and then choose the piece of clothing to ensure you look your best.

For instance, short people don’t look very good in stripes, while tall people look bland with too many solids. So make your choices accordingly and create a look for yourself. I’m sure you will find some change in your aura soon.