Since the beginning of time, fashion has been something that women always thought they owned the market on. But if you go back through the ages you’ll see that men were ruled by their own fashions – often dictated by the most famous men of the time. But for the first time ever – men’s fashion is taking centre stage, with a New York Fashion Week dedicated to menswear and menswear only.  Now, most of the men that I know aren’t fashion-conscious and when they head to clothing stores they basically just pick whatever is on the shelves that they would feel comfortable wearing!

So for those men who don’t really know about fashion, here is an idea of what you’ll find in clothing stores this spring/summer and which of your old favorites are now the height of fashion! And if you will be in need of buying some of these items, visit JCPenney – they might just have exactly what you’re looking for, in a good price with a Discountrue coupon.

Baseball caps are back

There are a few men I know who are going to cheer the return of the classic baseball cap worn the way it should be – peak ALWAYS forward! For once that collection of baseball caps mounted on the walls of your man cave are actually a fashion do, although if you really want to stay in trend then you’re going to need to invest a few more luxurious ones made from leather or suede that look great on a casual day out or with a stylish suit in the boardroom!


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