8 Smart Reasons to Start Wearing Merino Wool

8 Smart Reasons to Start Wearing Merino Wool

No matter what season you’re in — winter, summer, fall or spring — it’s never a bad time to start looking for practical garments to combat the incoming cold or keep you cool under a scorching sun. After all, your wardrobe can’t be based totally on fashion trends.

There are, of course, many different fabrics and wools out there to choose from, but, as far as wools go, Merino is arguably one of the best. If you’re wanting a more in-depth explanation of what Merino wool is, check out this link to find out : https://www.meriwoollayers.com/pages/what-is-Merino-wool.

In short, Merino wool is a versatile choice no matter what the weather. Find out about this and other smart reasons to wear Merino wool. Once you do, it’s likely you’ll want to expand your wardrobe.


It’s Adaptive

Merino wool is unique, naturally warm and — unlike other textiles — it will adapt to your body’s temperature. It regulates its temperature so you can be warm out in harsh winds and snow, but you won’t suddenly boil when you step inside of your heated house or sit down in front of a blazing fire. Even if you do feel too hot for comfort, it’s also sweat absorbent so feeling unpleasantly damp underneath will never be an issue.

It’s Odor Resistant

Nobody is trying to say you stink, but come on. Even if the wool wicks your sweat away, what about the bacteria that can result? Every fiber of this magnificent wool contains antimicrobial properties, derived from a waxy material called lanolin. This prevents the growth of bacteria, which is what causes sweat to smell. Any unpleasant scents that may crop up in hair-covered or generally sweat-prone areas will be sealed inside and not taint whatever garment it is that you’re wearing, protecting both you and others from anything you’d rather not be smelling.

It’s Itch Free

Many different wools will drive you crazy with itching and maybe even leave behind a rash, which can deter you from ever wearing wool. But that’s not the case with Merino wool. The fibers are finer and softly bend when pressed against skin, which leaves the days of the terrible itch far behind.

It Shapes Itself To You

Due to the thinner, more flexible fibers, Merino wool will adapt to the body of the wearer for optimum comfort. This naturally elastic wool can be stretched with your movements as you go about your day and will never sag. It will always go back to its original shape, no matter how many high shelves you’re asked to reach up to or how many kids tug on your sleeves. This also means that it can be good for outdoor activities. Socks made from Merino wool are another great option. Even if you pull your socks off from the toes out, the stretch will never stick.

It’s Lightweight

Even when wearing Merino wool to stay warm, you’re never going to feel smothered by a thick layer of clothing trapping you in. Merino wool is such a fine wool that it will do a better job at keeping you warm, while being more comfortable and uncompressed than a thicker, heavier wool or lots of light layers would. It’s lighter than cotton, so you can move even as freely as you would if wearing no clothes at all.

It’s Renewable

If you’re one of those gentlemen who worries about the environment and eventually destroying the supplies of the things that you use, eat or wear, you can put those worries aside. The Merino sheep who grow this wool regrow their pristine coats every single year, so you’ll never be without the wonderful feeling this wool brings.

It Has UV Protection

Merino wool is already light enough for you to wear all year-round, but it also protects you from the sun’s harmful rays with a sun protection factor that varies depending on the weight of the Merino you choose to wear. The SPF can go up to 30+ and beyond.

It’s Long Lasting

It’s already abundantly clear that Merino wool is weather efficient and comfort efficient, but it’s also cost efficient as you won’t have to replace your Merino wool garments as often as other materials. With all the resistance it offers against those little annoyances of odor and bacteria and even stains, it requires less vigorous washing which prolongs its lifetime. The high-density, tight knitting also means that there will be less wear and tear as you go about your life, no matter how active it may be.


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