5 Outdated T-Shirt Trends for Men You’d Want to Avoid in 2019

Outdated t-shirt trends? Is that even a thing?

The minute you read the title, your mind probably started running through your favorite tees in the closet. Chances are you’ve always bought clothes that fit you well. Or, the shirts that you liked. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a bunch of stuff that they like to wear simply because its comfortable and they can’t bear to get rid of them.

That’s quite okay! Go ahead and keep your almost faded and baggy loungewear safely hidden away. But, the next time you go shopping or order t-shirts online, do keep these fashion errors in mind.

1.Classic Whites (Are Great! But You CAN Have Too Many)

Pair a classic white tee with blue jeans and that’s an all-time fashion hit that has you ready in minutes. Throw on a cool jacket to keep away the occasional nip in the air, and you’re sorted. However, top designers talking about t-shirt trends for 2019 tell you to tone down the number of whites you’re sporting this season. The hottest t-shirt trends for 2019 are pastels including baby pinks, pale blues, breezy peaches, greys, and beiges. Check online and you can order customized t-shirts in a range of colors and styles to choose from. Pick out sizes that have a tapering silhouette to add structure to the garment and you’re good to go.

2.Logos and Slogans Projecting Controversial Views

When ordering apparel off the internet, take a close look at the logos and slogans on them. Like this feature on  Fashionbeans advises, there’s actually a fine line between humor and coming across in bad taste. What sounds funny to you, may seem insulting or controversial to viewers. Avoid wearing shirts that project opinions about political, racial, sexist, or any other issues. Chances are that you don’t really support the views, so you don’t want to tell people that you do. If you’re not quite sure about the slogans, avoid them entirely.

T-Shirt Trends - Want To Avoid In 2019

3.Logos Dominating the Entire Front of the Shirt

The smartest t-shirt trends restrict the size of the logo. Large patches screaming messages and covering almost the entire front is no longer cool. The recommended size is 12 inches in width by 16 inches in height. If you’re also opting for a logo on the back of the tee, the perfect dimensions would be 14 inches in width by 15 inches in height. As for the placement, the top of the logo should align halfway down the armhole. A more stylish way to sport a logo is to choose a small icon printed on the left pocket or on the sleeve. Check out this article on Real Men Real Style that tells you to wear brands, but not to be blatant about the fact. The icon should not take away attention from the man wearing the label and should be discreet.

T-Shirt Trends - Want To Avoid In 2019

4. Deep-Cut Vee Necklines that Show Off Your Assets

One of the worst t-shirt trends that should strictly stay out of your wardrobe includes V-necklines that show off your chest. When you need a break from the usual crew necks, do go for the vees, but they should flatter your throat. If you have a wider facial structure and a shorter frame, that’s the style you need since it will focus on your shoulders and give the impression of height. Keep in mind that the neckline should rest on the base of the neck on both sides. A polo neck is also a great option if you’re looking for (er!)ventilation. It will lend a smarter, more elegant appeal to your overall look.

5.Pairing Tees with the Wrong Pants

Combining tees with pants can be tricky when you’re not sure what colors go well together. Here are some of the coolest styles you could adopt. Black tees are universal and you can pair them with any pants including light-colored tans, denims, and also black. If you’re wearing grey, team the tee with light blue jeans or a darker grey shade of pants. Got this amazing navy blue? Lighter pants like chinos are just the thing you need.

Let’s Talk About Some of the Must-Haves for 2019

One of the most popular t-shirt trends for 2019 that high-end fashion experts swear by is the tie-and-dyes. Both men and women would want to invest in at least one of these. You’ll likely find online stores that let you choose the specific color and style you like. In addition to the usual crew necks and V-necks, you can also order them in hoodies and long-sleeves.

Yet another hot and happening fashion tip for men is tiny prints scattered across the entire tee. Think tiny fish, palm trees, anchors, and even, sailboats.

Polo Shirts

The possibilities are endless. Some online stores may also offer you suede or corduroy highlights placed on the neckline and front button panels of Polo shirts.

If you’ve opted for long-sleeves t-shirts, expect to see the highlight matched on the elbow as patches. Ringers around crew necks along with borders on sleeves is another interesting trend for 2019. As for lowers, you absolutely need knee-length shorts for the cool, casual look in summer.

T-Shirt Trends - Want To Avoid In 2019

Rounding Off with Jackets

Fashionistas advise against two pieces of denims in one look. For instance, if you’re wearing jeans, opt for a suede or corduroy jacket. As for the perfect colors, you can’t go wrong with earthy tones like forest green or browns. If you live in a location where the weather changes quickly, it helps to bring an added layer to beat an unexpected chill.

The versatility of t-shirts is amazing and there are any number of combinations you can try with them. By choosing the right styles, you can always wear tees for both casual and formal occasions. Just follow the latest trends, but always pick out colors and styles that make you feel comfortable. Isn’t that the point of the quintessential t-shirt?