There are numerous guides available for buying an engagement ring for women, but very few people talk about how to purchase the best ring for men.

If you are soon to be engaged and are constantly thinking about the ring for your man, don’t worry – I have prepared a detailed guide to help you through the process.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Decide the budget

Before buying anything expensive, it is essential first to identify a budget. You will find many articles or videos telling you how much money you should spend on your or your spouse’s custom made engagement ring.

But this is not the right way to decide the budget. The price may be your six months’ salary or more than that. So first, you should check your financial condition and then make a budget.

Talk to your partner about it, set up the budget mutually, and then start exploring.

2. Know his preferred style

Like every woman, every man also likes things differently. Your man may admire a simple-yet-classy design, or he could be a fan of contemporary styles. So, before you step out shopping, make sure you already know his preferred style.

You can ask him directly if he already knows about it. If you are planning a surprise, ask his family members or best friends to get more insight into his preference. I have mentioned some styles to give you a basic idea.

  • Simple ring: This is perfect for people who are not fans of any over-the-top ring. You can select gold, silver, platinum, or titanium rings. These rings need minimal maintenance, are durable, and appear classy.
  • Stylish and contemporary designed ring: This is for men who like trendy things. There are many contemporary-styled rings available in the market. You can select the abstract style with carvings, inside engravings, inlays, etc.
  • Bevelled edge matte: If your man likes classy things, this high polished soft matte finished band will not fail to impress him.
  • Monochromic rings: Many guys prefer platinum bands with colourless diamonds. This goes with every attire and also provides an exquisite look.
  • Matching rings: Half of the men pick a ring that is a simpler version of their spouse’s ring. They have the same cut, setting stone, and colour. You will find these rings in cushion cut or round cut because the rest of the cuts don’t look good on men.
  • Double metal rings: This is a trend that has caught fire only recently. Two different precious metals are melted down to create the body of the ring. It symbolized the bonding of two people.

3. Choose the thickness and the right ring size

The best and most popular width for men’s rings is 8mm. However, if your budget is not high or you can’t afford this, you can always pick something thinner. The least thick ring’s width is 2mm.

After the thickness, you must ensure you have the right finger size for your man. Then, you can either take him to your jeweller to find the right size or ask the shopkeeper to identify it for you.

A well-fitted ring for men will slide nicely over the knuckle and will not glide out without force.

4. Select the right texture 

Men’s rings can have various types of finishing. So let’s check them to find what’s best for your fiance.

  • High-polished finishing: These kinds of rings are shiny and reflective. But some polished metals can get scratches.
  • Matte finishing: In case your man prefers a relaxed look, matte finished rings are for him.
  • Sandblasted finishing: This finish appears rough and will not show any scratches or bumps.
  • Hammered finishing consists of a smooth edge with a hammered metal band.
  • Engraved finishing: In case your man likes small details, this is the one for him. Recently, my friend bought an engagement ring in Sydney for her fiancé with this finishing, and his husband hasn’t stopped gushing about it ever since.

Over to you…

So, this should be enough for you to buy the perfect engagement ring for your husband. But, if you’re still confused, just step out and start exploring – I promise you, you will bump into one ring that will scream, “It’s meant to be!”.