If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground in the wedding ring scene, you might know that more people are choosing bands that feature wooden elements.

This is more than just a fad, but a full-blown fashion movement that is particularly transformative in terms of the options men have when selecting wedding bands.

Before you take the plunge and pick a wooden ring for your own wedding, let’s go through some of the considerations you’ll need to take onboard and choices you’ll have to make as part of this process.

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A cavalcade of combos are available

The first thing to note is that these rings are rarely made of anything but wood, for the simple reason that durability is a major factor in determining the suitability of a wedding band.

You want to buy a ring for this occasion which you know will last you a lifetime and be sturdy enough to pass on to future generations, so the wood is usually set in or surrounded by metal to enable this.

Take the wood wedding bands from Alpinerings.com, for example. Here the wood is typically combined with either titanium or tungsten, depending on the stylistic preferences of the buyer.

The advantage of this, aside from the added robustness that this combination affords, is that it also makes the resultant ring look seriously modern, while still fitting within traditional expectations of what a wedding ring should be.

So don’t think that a wooden ring will look a little old fashioned or even like a full-blown medieval relic; thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques and the cutting edge combos on offer, the opposite is true.

Many different kinds of wood are used

Wooden wedding rings don’t just give you a generic wood as the featured material, but rather let you pick from a range of named woods which each have their own colour profiles and textures.

If you prefer the grain and richness of chestnut wood, or you like the way the light plays on pearwood, or you even want the deep hues of mahogany wood around your finger, these and many more options are available to you.

All sorts of designs exist

Another point to make about wooden wedding rings is that the way the wood is used can differ according to the design you want.

Often the wood is featured on the exterior surface of the ring, running in a band of whatever thickness suits you around the outside.

It is also possible to have a metal exterior and a wooden interior, which means that from the outside the ring might not look out of the ordinary, but when removed it will reveal a special, secret feature that only you and those closest to you need to know about.

More materials can be harnessed alongside wood

We have already touched upon the diversity of wedding ring designs which are achievable with the help of wood, but there are lots of other materials that can contrast nicely with this and make a band look even more unique.

This includes everything from ceramics which bring colour and super-polished textures to the table, as well as more natural materials like deer antler, which can be a further stand-out twist to include.

In short, if you are looking for a wedding ring that is jaw-droppingly appealing from an aesthetic level, and also more than a bit of a talking point, then a wooden one could be perfect for your needs. They are especially well suited as accessories for grooms, but brides can also buy them as well.