Alex Turner – Style Icon From The Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner – Style Icon From The Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner

Quoting both the title of his band’s latest album and one of their most successful singles ever, it looks like the statement Alex Turner, the leader of the Arctic Monkeys, wants to make with his new music and look is: “I AM Teddy Picker, no more”. In other words: “Look at me, I’m not anymore the naïve guy from the suburbs who had no sense of style!”.

When the first two records from the group came out, “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” (2005) and “Favourite Worst Nightmare” (2007), their sound was bluntly post punk/garage rock and so was Alex Turner nihilist approach to fashion. He went from looking like the average working class guy sporting a scruffy bang, wearing polos, unbuttoned collar shirts and jeans randomly picked up from… wherever, to letting his hair grow into a rebellious mop top and starting dressing as a more refined (thanks to, then, girlfriend Alexa Chung’s fashion tips) version of Liam Gallagher, when the more mature, darker and less teenager friendly, third album, “Humbug”, was released in 2009.

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Artic Monkeys

But it was when “Suck It And See”, the fourth music effort of the band, was presented in 2011 that Arctic Monkeys and Alex Turner’ style got into an enlightening eclectic mood. While musically the band, already far from the flipped angry rock beats of their debut albums, was focused on absorbing blues and country elements into their sound, Alex started crafting his Elvis Priestley inspired look. The first step of such evolution was getting a new hairdo, as he told GQ: “…I saw an Elvis picture where he had the curl, and I thought, ‘Maybe I could do that’. Once you have the haircut, certain clothes just start to look right, don’t they?”. Since then, his wardrobe has developed into that of a self-confident, retro appealing, rock star: slim fit t-shirts, leather jackets, squared metal framed aviators, skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Artic Monkeys

In “AM”, the brand new record from the Sheffield based band, the eclectic mood introduced with the previous album is still on, and it keeps pushing even further their music boundaries. The sound is still pop rock, but this time around hip hop tunes and R&B melodies influence almost every song as you can tell from singles like “Why You Only Call Me When You’re High”. Same thing for Alex who is now improving his 50’s inspired style by mixing varsity jackets, as the one Saint Laurent created by Hedi Slimane for the F/W 2013 collection, with print shirts, as the heart print one from Burberry, and slim fit black trousers, while unexpectedly covering hip hop jams such as “Hold On We’re Going Home” by Drake on the BBC Lounge stage!

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Artic Monkeys

Alex Turner Style

If you are feeling Alex Turner style, here are some suggestions on how to emulate his 50’s rock meet nowadays pop music look:

Alex Turner - Quiff hairstyle

  • Elvis hairstyle: as we know, the King of Rock’s hairdo is the main source of inspiration for the Arctic Monkeys frontman new look, so if you are longing to feel like The Fonz from “Happy Days” all you need is some “Grease” in your hair…and a comb as your new best friend!

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Artic Monkeys

  • Varsity jacket: the yet iconic Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket designed by Hedi Slimane is a very good alterntive to the ubiquitous biker jacket, not to mention it has the right amount of rock forward attitude that will prevent you from looking like the kind of good boy Ricky Cunningham was.
  • Printed shirt: Alex Turner chose the heart print shirt created by Chrostopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum F/W 2013 collection, in order to give a playful twist to a black suit.

Alex Turner - Lead Singer Artic Monkeys

  • Black moccasins: the rockish chelsea boots have been finally replaced by black moccasins, worn with white matching socks! As we told you Alex and his band are in a very eclectic mood. Not just musically. Once you decide to steal the King of Rock’s hairstyle, the next move is getting inspiration from the King of Pop’s wardrobe (why not?). Therefore, it was quite natural for the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys to put on a pair of black studded loafers from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane to complete his retro-lutionary look!

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Alex Turner - Artic Monkeys

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