Have you ever seen an amazing outfit and tried to try it out, just to be disappointed by the result? Everyone has gone through this once or twice in their life. The truth is everyone is built differently. Understanding your physical personality and the best aspects of it will allow you to dress well. It will also help you determine what clothing is the best for your body.

Everyone is not built the same way. Do you have an oval shape body or more of a rectangular build or an inverted triangle frame? You have to know how you look. Even though body types are something that is not commonly discussed between men, it doesn’t mean you can’t. It is important to know which category you fall into.

This article will give a few insights into different body types of men. Keep reading as we explain the three of the most common body shapes. This article will provide some suggestions and advice on how to dress for your unique body type.

Triangle Frame

Men who are larger around the waist and hips when compared to the top part of the body come under this category. This type of body will create a triangular shape with the base of the triangle being the waist and the tip at the face. Even though having a triangular frame doesn’t mean you have a bad body type, it becomes difficult to choose clothes. It is a little bit challenging to find clothes that make your body look proportional.

The best type of clothing that fits this body frame is tailored patterned blazers, vertical stripe funny t-shirts for men, jackets with structured shoulders, single-breasted suits, and brighter colour panels. All these pieces of clothing will create a streamlined effect on the body type so that it elongates and slims down the upper body.

The type of clothing this body frame should completely avoid are fitted polo shirts, roll necks, brighter colours, busy prints, skinny fits, and extreme tapers. These pieces of clothing will draw a lot of attention to the wide width of your waist.

Inverted Triangle

Men who have well-developed chest and shoulders and the upper body are significantly broader when compared to waist and hips come under this category. This type of body will create an inverted triangle body frame with the base of the triangle being the shoulders and the tip at the belly button.

Men who have an inverted triangle body shape should wear clothes that show off their toned and fit body. It is better to wear a tight-fitting funny t-shirt that mostly puts the focus on sharp and clean lines of shoulders and chest.

The best type of clothing that goes well with this body frame are horizontal stripes funny t-shirts for men, slim-fit shirts, slim cotton polo funny t-shirt, jackets and regular V-neck funny t-shirts for men. These pieces of clothing will emphasise your toned chest and you can show off your incredible body figure.

Types of the clothing inverted body frame men should avoid are structured tailoring funny t-shirts, prints, patterns and scoop necklines. These pieces of clothing will put full attention on your wide frame and will make your body look unproportional.


Men who have their shoulders width the same as their waist and hips fall under this category. People who have this body type usually have a thin and tall frame. They have to use clothes that widen their shoulders.

The best type of clothing that goes well with this body frame are horizontal striped funny t-shirts for men, structured tailoring, layered looks, scarves, prints and colour tops. These types of clothes will add a little bit of bulk to your frame and make you appear proportional. They will also expand your body proportions.

Types of clothing rectangular body frame men should completely avoid are double-breasted jackets.

double breasted suit


Men who have the centre of the torso wider than the shoulders and hips fall into this category. Even the rest of the body will look like this. For example, men will have shorter and border limbs that will widen at the midpoints. In this type of body frame, men need simple and dark funny t-shirts. It’s always good to wear solid colours. You can explore so many options on PrintShop by Designhill like website.

The best types of clothing that go well with this body type are trousers, suspenders, pleats, funny t-shirts, jackets and neckties. These pieces of clothing will give a frame to the body and completely covers all the bulges of your body.

The type of clothing men with oval body frame should avoid are tight fits in the torso, patterns and visual clutter. Tight clothes will make your midsection and whole body appear bulkier.

We have reached the end! These are different body types for men. Whenever you are shopping, always make your body type and shape a priority over fashion trends.