By definition, car detailing is the act of giving your vehicle a posh and brand-new look. Contrary to a regular car wash, car detailing is more thorough, accurate, and labour-intensive. It enhances your car’s lifespan, and efficiency as old and worn-out parts are replaced. Simply put, your car is completely reconditioned, to produce a show-quality, polished and clean vehicle.

A simple wash is good. However, getting this service will ensure that all the cracks, dents, and imperfections are removed. It is also worth noting that some companies bring their services to you. Therefore, be sure to talk to your dealer regarding this.

The service is often done by hand and includes both interior and exterior detailing as well. However, before you take your car for the service, there are some crucial things you need to understand. Therefore, read on and familiarize yourself with them.

How Does a Car Wash Differ From the Car Detailing?

Quite often, we tend to overlook the significance of primary car care. For instance, washing your car is very crucial. However, refurbishing it and ensuring that you cater to every technical problem is equally important.

Both processes not only enhance your motor vehicle’s appearance but reduce the risk of rust and other mechanical issues as well. As established, car detailing is more in-depth and focuses on reconditioning your car. For instance, your dealer will remove all chipped paint or scratches. After which, they will also fix the interior.

Car detailing is more expensive and takes longer compared to hand washing the vehicle which takes 30-40 minutes. Do note that washing the car only addresses the vehicle’s cleanliness at a superficial level. Also, car detailing raises your car’s retail value and keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Interior detailing emphasizes fixing the windows, rims, and wheels- we shall further discuss this later on. However, it is worth noting that the final step to reconditioning your car’s exterior is giving your car a glossy shine. As a result, the motor vehicle adopts a new look.

Also, your dealer will steam-clean or vacuum the vehicle’s cabin. They should also offer leather-based services such as moisturizing dry areas and leather trimming.

Exterior Car Cleaning

Now that you are familiar with the service, we shall now explain the cleaning process; starting with the exterior.

Most detailers use abrasive compounds and polishing buffs to remove small layers of clear coats. If done by a professional and competent dealer, the chemical substances should remove all scratches, coupled with the paint.

Usually, the cleaning and drying process is done by hand. Your contractor will use specialized products to wipe down the car’s body. Then, a clay bar is used to extract all containers, residue, or overspray. This should give your automobile a smooth, clean, and captivating surface. Also, it will help enhance the effectiveness of wax and polish.

Finally, a sealant coat is applied to give the car a shiny look. However, wax can be used in place of it. Other exterior services include engine detailing, repairing, headline polishing, and bumper repair.

car detailing

Interior Car Cleaning

Interior cleaning emphasizes the inner parts of the vehicle. Your dealer will vacuum the car to remove any debris or dirt. After which, they will shampoo the vehicles’ mat to extract all stains and deep-clean.

Conditioning removes all dirt from the leather. Be sure to ask your dealer how they intend to dress and clean the plastic and vinyl surfaces. If the stains fail to come off, consider stain cleaning. Alternatively, your dealer might recommend scrubbing and brushing the stains off the carpets and mats.

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Key Features for Mobile Car Detailing

Below are some crucial aspects concerning service:

  • Detailing Your Windows

Based on recent studies, most accidents are a result of tainted or dirty windshields and windows. The sun’s rays or glare temper the driver’s visibility, and thus, result in catastrophic incidents.

  • Console Dashboard and Headliner Detailing

The console, dashboard, and headliner are fond of hosting numerous bacteria and diseases causing germs if not cleaned well. Fortunately, your detailer will ensure that they carefully sanitize these areas, to eliminate all contaminants.

  • Bug and Tar Removal

Having trouble removing tar and bugs from your car? Try taking it to the car wash. However, if that fails as well, get in touch with your local detailer. They will come equipped with specialized products which will break down the contaminants.

  • Headlight Restoration

If you want your headlights to adopt a new-like appearance, detailing them is your best bet. However, it is worth noting that this process requires an experienced detailer since it is a complex process.

Additionally, it requires knowledge regarding different grits of sandpaper, sealant, paste wax, and polishing compound. Also, the detailer will have to remove the initial painting to add a new, thick coat.

Categories on mobile car detailing

  • Truck Fleet Detailing

If you have several trucks -or perhaps vehicles- that require regular cleaning, getting in touch with a detailing agency is your best bet. Do note that you will double the benefits if you are working with a contractor who uses steam for detailing. This is based on the fact that steam requires little water. Therefore, the process will prevent you from spending an arm and a leg to pay for water usage and loss.

  • RV Detailing

RVs are huge, making them challenging when detailing. They can be time-consuming and can take up to a day or two to fully complete the process, and consume a lot of fuel when taking the vehicle to the detailer.

However, you can cut on the fuel cost by working with an agency that sends you detailers to your place. They will come equipped with all the relevant tools to plaster deliver nothing short of quality within a short time.

Things to consider

Now that you have familiarized yourself with detailing, do note that you must get in touch with a trained and competent contractor who will help you with the installation process. Therefore, don’t compromise, only deal with professionals.

Also, avoid doing the installation as a DIY project. It is worth noting that dealing with a competent contractor brings knowledge of industry standards, peace of mind, and management experience. They will advise you on the best tools to use, plus they will plaster a smile on your face due to a job well done.