As a pet owner, you want to take your furry friend out to explore all of the places you love. This includes places like the beach, and which can leave quite the mess of sand and water in your car for weeks to come. If you just got a new car and you want to look after it in every way, read on to consider how to protect your vehicle from various forms of damage.

Pre-trip Prevention.

If you’re serious about caring for your car, your first concern is to make sure you have car insurance. Car insurance is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your car in the condition you’d like. If you were to get into an accident or have cosmetic damages, insurance commonly covers these costs. You can speak with your insurance company directly to understand which policy offers the most coverage.

Getting a removable dog car seat cover prior to your trip will minimize the amount of dirt and pet fur stuck on your car upholstery after a beach trip. You can easily install and remove the dog car seat cover for quick cleaning.

It’s a good idea to compare the differences in auto insurers by using tools like this. iSelect can help navigate the overwhelming world of car insurance coverage at no additional cost. This includes exploring the different insurance companies, variability in coverage, and prices. One factor that may decipher the price of your quote includes the degree of coverage you want. Other factors are your age, type of vehicle, and previous driving history. All of this can feel complicated, so you should talk to a consultant to eliminate the stress. The key to covering your car if any unexpected damages arise is to simply have comprehensive coverage that checks all of the boxes.

Things you can try at the beach.

If you know you’re headed to the beach, take the steps to prevent your dog from running off into numerous puddles of wet sand and other hard to clean spots. You can do so by training your dog to walk with you on their leash and training them the command, “heel,” which communicates to them that you’d like them by your side. However, leash-training can be difficult with a traditional leash as dogs tend to pull. And this puts too much pressure on your dog’s neck. To alleviate this strain on your dog’s neck and head and create better control for you as the dog owner, you should look into purchasing the best no pull dog harness from Joyride Harness.

They make a variety of dog harnesses and accessories. It is the best dog harness on the market if you’re trying to train your dog and keep it from lunging at people and pulling. What’s even better about this particular company is that they donate money to rescue dogs and there is free exchange and return for the harness if you’re not satisfied with it. By looking into these no-pull dog harnesses, you can help to keep your big dog walking with you instead of against you. This cooperation will be great for your trip to the beach so you can avoid any spots that might create a disastrous and dirty car ride home.

Post-trip cleaning tips.

Your car will inevitably get a little messy from time to time if your dog is in it. However, with these various dog hair cleaning tips, you can ensure your car will look brand new in no time. For example, you can try vacuuming out the car to get rid of residual sand and hair. You can also use the sticky side of duct tape to attach to the difficult dog hairs left behind that won’t budge. If all else fails and you get stuck with the car post-trip, remember that preparation is key! Just like caring for your car by owning car insurance, prepare for the worst by keeping things like towels or seat covers in your vehicle.


As stated earlier, the best line of defence for vehicle protection is car insurance. Unexpected incidents from other drivers and even your dog can leave you feeling concerned. However, with your insurance coverage settled and proper dog travel preparation, you can travel and explore new places with your furry friend with peace of mind.