What makes a man a man? Is it their beard? Is it their genitals or is it their libido? What distinguishes between a man and a woman? Well, harmonically speaking the Testosterone hormone is what differentiates a man from a woman.  These hormones are responsible for many apart from reproduction like building muscles, keeping the fat away, increasing libido, etc but if these hormones go ashtray then it is a slippery slope ahead that will pose serious repercussions even leading to male infertility. So how can one boost the testosterone, the alpha male hormone naturally? Let’s try these do it yourself hacks that will regulate your hormone profile and help you live a normal life:

  • Strength exercise over cardio: Have a strong core and uplift those dumbles rather than running on a treadmill. Strength workout will help to boost the testosterone level by working on the muscles and lifting weights.
  • Regulate your sleep: Don’t be a night owl and sleep at a fixed time daily. Sleeping at the same time every day will help you relax the mind and helps the body to heal itself naturally. So rather than sleeping late and hitting the snooze button set a time and have a sound sleep of 7-8hours.
  • Ditch the stress: Stress is a silent killer that will take your life away every day making your intellect dull and making your hormones go on strike. Constant mental chewing does nothing constructive rather it makes the person negative and under-confident. Hence, take some time off from your busy schedule and meditate to keep the stress under control.
  • Stop Smoking and Pot now: Smoking is the worst thing you can do to imbalance your hormones. Apart from destroying your lungs and kidneys; smoking has effects the hormone profile as well as reducing the count which can lead to infertility.
  • Have a Nut Case: Nuts like almonds, groundnut, peanut, etc. will help to boost the testosterone level and reduce the side effects of diminished hormone level. These nuts are enriched with good fat and help to build muscle. Peanut butter is also good but make sure it is made of peanut and not full of sugar and bad fat.
  • Be Break free in the bedroom: If lately, you have been feeling that your sex life has become a routine and has lost its spunk then it’s time to stir things. Best way to boost the testosterone level is to have a healthy and passionate time with your partner. It will not only bring the couple closer, it is a natural stress buster and helps to increase the testosterone level.

To conclude, if you are suffering from low sperm count or your testosterone levels are low then these are some of the basic therapies that will help you shake things up and get back to normal. So fret not and pave your way towards a healthy living.