Alternative Men’s Suits – Suits with a Difference

Alternative Men’s Suits – Suits with a Difference


Suit fashion for men this winter is getting whole lot more interesting. From pink double  breasted jackets to leather single breasted jackets we are seeing a new way of wearing suits. The top labels are finally stepping out of the comfort zone of design and embracing suits on a whole new level. The inspiring concept behind these designs is that if it’s all too much, then you can break up the suit pieces and learn to mix and match.

4 Alternative Men’s Suit Trends

Watch out for the 4 following alternative suit trends:

  • Leather – Leather suit jackets look great as you can team them with almost any kind of material.
  • Tight Fitting – The tight fitting jackets look so edgy but make sure it fits across your shoulders.
  • Velvet – The velvet suits are always gorgeous and if wearing them from head to toe is all too overpowering,  then it’s also a flexible material you can combine with dark denim or even chinos.
  • Tweed – The tweed suits are always a winner. The unique way Armani have combined it with more eccentric shoes and accessories just give it an alternative edge about it. Again you can always team the jacket with jeans. And the suits trousers with a nice tight fitted top.

So men embrace your suit in anyway that represents you and don’t be afraid of ditching the normal suit image.

ports 2013 mens suits pink, 2013

Ports 2013 collection.


Diesel-2013 leather Suits, Black Gold collection

Belstaff, fitted, trench coat 2012

Belstaff, suits for men  2012 loving the  trousers and those sandals just rock

Burberry-Prorsum-Fall-Winter, velvet suits 2012

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter, velvet suits 2012. Who says velvet is out?


Giorgio Armani, men’s suits for 2013

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