Rock Glam – Embrace This Fashion Style For Men

Rock Glam – Embrace This Fashion Style For Men

Rock glam - Inspirations trends 2013

Rock Glam

On a recent shoot by mariascardphotography it was very clear where the inspiration behind it came from? Ever heard of ADAM ANT? The man who dressed like a pirate and lived the rock star dream. Stuart Goddard, or his stage name as Adam Ant was famous for his extravagant way of dressing. During the eighties, he was biggest pop star in Britain and most of the globe. He was famous for those tight black trousers, with a puffed up 18th-century-style dark shirts. Or those velvet double-breasted waistcoats. Undeniably the master of the military jackets with anything gold on it. Finally don’t forget his signature headpiece a patterned headscarf. Borderline fashion frenzy gone wrong. But in a nutshell a look, if done well that paid off for him.

Adam Ant His View

“I’m a great believer in dressing up to go to work,” he says. I grew up in the glam era and, for me, every album should have a look as well as a sound.  “So I’ve gone back to Kings of the Wild Frontier his 1980 breakthrough, for which he sported a jacket from the film Charge of the Light Brigade.

Read more about Adam Ant’s view at the daily telegraph

Let’s fast forward to 2013. Will his current music tour, re-vamp ANTMAINA bring out rock glam once again? It certainly is a niche look, one that only fits the stage. Or is it a look that is perfect for going out and dressing up? Creating your own wannabe rock star image. Is that not the intriguing part of fashion? Faking it, before you make it? Creating an image that internally you’re not. Is that not what our music artists are all about. Let’s face it on many interviews what one is on stage is certainly not what they are  off stage? In my own rock star imaginary moments. I’ve been mistaken many a times as being the fashion imposter. Going out creating an image that boosts my ego, even if it’s for only one night? For me this is exactly what this inspirational shoot is all about. Creating theatre, drama and romance for anyone wanting to take part.

Dream The Dream

You can take this look anyway you like and create you own Adam Ant inspirations. I would encourage any man to tap into their creative side and re-live this era. Why? Because it’s in the mystery of the fashion imposter where one steps out of the conformist of being fashionably predictable let alone boring. Whether you are ready for it men’s fashion is becoming more intriguing and adventurous by the month. I am loving it and wanting more and more. No excuse he is currently touring so go for it.


Stuart Goddard - Adam Ant


Rock glam for men - Inspirations trends 2013 (2)


Rock glam for men - Inspirations trends 2013 (2)


Rock glam for men - Inspirations trends 2013 (3)


Rock glam for men - Inspirations trends 2013 (4)

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