Android’s Data – Five Safety Tips

Android’s Data  –  Five Safety Tips

The data on the phone is always at risk, especially when the phone is connected to the internet. It can be hacked in different ways. The data also becomes exposed to unauthorized people when the phone is stolen or missed. Regardless of the situation, keeping the phone secure is inevitable. We have put together some of the best tips for your following, which will enable you to increase the security of the phone.

1.  Remember that  you can be the target

Many people don’t bother protecting the data in their phone because they believe that the hackers are not interested in their data. It is not true. The hackers and cybercriminals always stay in search of a target, and you can also be their next target. So, instead of thinking that the hackers cannot reach you, think about all the possible ways in which you can be targeted. Ask yourself why your data can be hacked and how. They may drain their online accounts, which contain a monetary value.

It’s not only the money that is valuable for hackers. The hackers may also be interested in your personal pictures which they can later use for blackmailing.


2.  Keep your operating system up to date

The users of iOS don’t need to keep their operating system up to date. However, Android users are required to ensure that their Android is always up to date. The manufacturer of the mobile phone keeps sending the updates as soon as they are released. Some manufacturers take time in delivering updates.

3.  Activate the lock screen on the phone

There are different types of locks to keep the screen locked, such as pattern, pin code, face recognition feature, and a lot more. Regardless of the type of lock you use, make sure that you clean the screen regularly so that the traces of the fingers get removed.

If you use PIN or password, use a password which is not easy to guess. In case the phone is lost or stolen, you can use the phone locator to locate it through disabling the phone remotely.

4.  Encrypt the data on the phone

One of the highly recommended and best ways to keep the smartphone safe and secure is to enable the encryption of your device. The encryption is considered as a great way to keep your phone safe from the hacking.

The encryption makes it impossible for the hackers to bypass the security checks on your smartphones because of the encrypted content it possesses. All you need to do is, know about how to enable the encryption in your phone.

5.  Install apps only from Google Play Store

Unlike iOS, Android is an open platform in which there is no centralized system to secure the data. The Android manufacturers have deliberately made it an open platform which gives the user a lot of options to choose from when it comes to downloading different types of apps.  Although the user is given the freedom to download the app from different places, the Android is always at risk because the malicious software finds their ways easily when the apps are downloaded from the internet.

It is always recommended to all the Android users to download the apps from the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store ensures that the apps ready to be downloaded don’t contain any code. Despite all the efforts put by Google Play Store, the user should always be watchful when it comes to downloading apps on the phone. Different complementary measures should be taken to prevent any data leaks from the device. Protection Status

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