Unfortunately, you cannot access Fashion TV on any satellite television or cable even in the United States. Since August 2011, due to copyrights and geo-restrictions, the channel is inaccessible. Still, you can unblock it using a VPN that not only bypasses geo-restrictions but also offers other advantages.

First, you need to decide on a device to watch Fashion TV. Among many devices, Roku performs the best, due to its exceptional user-interface, intuitiveness, and availability of adding multiple add-ons. So, if you want to bypass geo-restrictions on Roku, follow the steps below:

Getting Access to Fashion TV

Step #1: Visit the official website of any of the best VPNs of 2021 and create your account. I recommend ExpressVPN.

Step #2: Buy a subscription that suits your needs and budgetary requirements.

Step #3: Download the VPN app for your device and log in using your account details/

Step #4: Select any US-based server and click on connect. Share your VPN connection.

Step #4: Launch Roku and click on the “Live TV” button on the home screen to access Live TV.

Step #5: Press the left arrow on the remote to see numerous options and choose Fashion TV.

In addition to providing access to Fashion TV, a VPN can unblock a vast list of VoDs, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and more. In simple words, there are plenty of advantages of using a VPN service. Still, want to know more about Fashion TV? Below are some details about this TV.

More About Fashion TV

Launched in Paris, Fashion TV’s first strategy was to gain global dominance in fashion broadcasting. Since 1997, Fashion TV has been recognized for its highest standards of excellence in lifestyle broadcasting. During the first ten years of its existence, this TV spread rapidly to the east, and it started getting recognized in some of the world’s most populous countries, such as China and India.

Later, Fashion TV became a fashion reference, and it decided to enter other markets such as Australia, Africa, and South America. One can say that this is the only TV that appeals to everyone interested in fashion, style, beauty, and trends. Fashion TV understands and cares for its audience by offering a simple, unbiased, and educational program not available on other networks.

The powerful and unique image of Fashion TV is fascinating, which combines the whole world with a modern style that allows for meaningful interactions with many global brands. You can also watch the stories of successful brands.

What Makes It Different from Competitors?

Fashion TV entertains and inspires its viewers by providing a detailed view of the fashion industry. It offers hundreds of new programs every month to showcase the latest styles, designer events, updates of the fashion industry, and regional popular fashion shows that enable you to stay updated.

It also helps you learn about modern places like hotels, residences, cafes, bars, clubs, beaches, beauty and fashion stores, and studios. The fashion channel is separately available for different countries like the US, Russia, India, Europe, and Asia.

You can also find details about luxury products such as furniture, beverages, cosmetics, wear, gourmet and tobacco, and more. Even you can get the information for investment, media Survey, and communication. Most importantly, you can also watch fashion films.

Are Fashion films available for free?

Unfortunately, Fashion films are not free. Watching these films required you to buy a separate subscription that not only allows you to access the latest fashion films, including the trailer, but you can also enjoy stunning videos and viral content.

Besides, videos are available to learn about the latest top fashion trends presented by designers in each country like the UK, Span, Italy, UAE, South Africa, and more. If you have kids, this channel offers you many videos to keep you updated about style and the latest products for your cute kids that can boost their confidence and help them grow better.

Are Fashion TV Apps available?

Yes, apps for both iPhone and Android are available. Still, these Apps work for Fashion TV+, and you need to connect via a VPN that offers you access to your favourite TV and helps you improve your streaming experience. Otherwise, you cannot access Fashion TV globally.

Available Categories

Fashion TV offers various categories listed below. You can choose any category of your interest anytime from anywhere.

  •         Fashion TV Global
  •         Fashion Shows – Men
  •         Fashion Shows – Women
  •         Designer Profiles
  •         Special Events
  •         Luxury Lifestyle
  •         Fashion Caring
  •         Beauty & Makeup
  •         Midnight Secrets
  •         Hair and Makeup
  •         Top Models
  •         Model Fitness
  •         Photoshoots
  •         Fashion Films
  •         Fashion Weeks
  •         Bridal Fashion

Smooth Remote Control

Once you have set everything up on the VPN you are ready to watch Fashion TV, a universal remote control can help to make the whole watching process as smooth as possible, if you need help getting it all integrated check out GetUniversalRemoteCodes.com.

Wrapping Up

Fashion TV helps you to stay connected with the world of fashion, style, and current trends in the beauty industry. However, geo-restrictions and copyright have restricted access to Fashion TV globally, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch Fashion TV. Luckily, the VPNs enable you to get access to bypass geo-restrictions and learn about the latest fashion.