Since 2019 many things have changed, but one that changed for the better was media and streaming services with the boost we have been receiving in the last few years in our internet services, on top of the already overwhelming technological advances.

Fortunately, we were able to spend some of our extra time watching shows, movies and playing video games. However, without the possibility of watching movies at the local theatre, production companies had to find new ways to keep the business going.

Most of the movies that came out during the last three years were available on streaming services like HBO Plus on day one. The Matrix Resurrections was one of the many, and while it made it accessible to a vast majority, it did cause some trouble at the end of the studio. Dune was also released simultaneously in theatres and streaming. The number of streamers has increased in the last years a 26%.

Online presence took the lead. Further than streaming entertainment another sector was the casino entertainment. While users might have not been able to visit their local casinos, the online counterpart is available 24/7, waiting for you to win the best jackpots. There are websites specialized in getting all the information and more about how and where to play these classic casino games and accepts the most common payment options. Media is changing and trying to understand what the future will bring is hard to tell, but there are some clues if look closely. Mostly trends.

From remakes to videogame movies

We know that ideas in Hollywood these days come very seldom. They keep milking the same franchises over and over again. Just take a moment to see the Avengers universe, which gave us about thirty movies. Yes, thirty.

Then we have Star Wars which is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable franchises in the industry with the most loyal and raging fans. There are nine main movies, and a few more spin-offs to enjoy or hate.

But the show must go on, and the audience needs movies weekly, so with the lack of new ideas we were let at the mercy of remakes and reboots.

Poor Batman has fallen and raised many times over the years. Some remakes are great, like Mad Max: Fury Road. Then we have the average Robocop and the underrated Dread.

Let alone the Disney classics that were adapted into real action movies. We don’t even know how to judge that, but for sure they were not necessary.

To introduce the new trends, we can add Mortal Kombat to the list, which is a reboot of a video game movie.

It’s time for videogame movies (so it seems)

With the mild success of Mortal Kombat and the huge unexpected success of the Sonic movie, everyone seems to be jumping on the train before it leaves the station.

Sonic the movie was pretty wild because the first trailer revealed a hideous and an almost scary portrait of the blue hedgehog. It was so trashed by fans that the studio decided to postpone the release date and re-design the blue character to what was eventually released and succeeded they did. The movie was fitted for kids and adults and it was critically acclaimed.

Before it, we had Detective Pikachu, which was as well-received warmly by fans, and a sequel is on its way.

With that success in mind, studios are going all-in with this trend. Paul WS Anderson released a Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich (as usual) and mediocre in reviews (as usual). Let’s not forget the couple did those loved/hated Resident Evil movies so you know what to expect.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was announced on April 8, 2022, and Super Mario wants to redeem itself from the disaster that was that 90’s portrait of the famous plumber. Super Mario is scheduled to release at some point during this year.

There’s an upcoming Borderlands movie, with Jamie Lee Curtis in progress. Also, a Metal Gear Solid movie has been announced which has potential if done right, and if you are a horror fan there’s a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in production.

Not to discuss the past, but we had to suffer movies like Doom, and House of the dead. Those movies… we can’t even explain how they were green light. There’s even a sequel to House of the dead and two Alone in the dark movies equally bad.

There are a couple of Streetfight movies. Yes, a couple. And a few BloodRayne. For some reason, these movies are made not once but twice.

Gosh, there’s even a Rampage movie, which The rock said it would be the first best videogame movie at a point. Keep dreaming Dwayne. A few of the Tomb Raider movies are pure fan service and that is OK if you are into such a thing.

Also, Disney tried their luck with Prince of Persia, which fell under the shadow of Pirates of the Caribbean, but it is not a bad movie, at all.


As you can see, movies are like any other business out there. If one or two are successful everyone else wants a piece of the pie. Without being critical, we are happy that games are mostly getting the movies they deserve. It brings audiences together and it is a win-win for all consumers.

We did have terrible movie adaptations in the past, but fortunately, the tide is changing and studios have learnt from their mistakes, for the most part.

You may be into these types of movies or not. They are not for everyone, but for sure they are up to the quality standards. There’s no Double Dragon or Street Fighter movie level of badness anymore.

Nowadays, even if the plot is terrible the visual effects and sound can make up for it.

There are movies for every moment in our lives, and even if they are bad, they can generate moments that we won’t forget, and memories can make bad movies good, in a way.