Do you want to chat with single girls online? Great idea! Today more and more couples find each other on the Internet. Regardless of whether you use a dating site without registration or create a paid service, a correctly chosen photo will tell more than using words. Use our tips for choosing a photo – and soon you will receive many new dating offers.


  1. Focus your photos on yourself. First and foremost, only you should be in the photos. You should not upload a photo of where you are with your friends or family.
  2. Choose the right distance for a photo. Not all photos where you can be seen from head to toes will be suitable for the role of the main photo of the profile. When choosing a full-length photo, make sure it is taken at an acceptable distance and allows others to see your face without any issues.
  3. Make a portrait photo of yourself. Perhaps you have a photo of your first parachute jump, horseback ride or surfing trip in the Caribbean. Hobby photos are also useful, but only as additional information about yourself.
  4. Smile! The main photo should be appealing. You should not publish a photo where you are wearing sunglasses – other people should see your eyes well.
  5. Show your personality. After you’ve prepared one or two single photos for your profile, why not add some photos that reflect your personality? Whether you have a passion for music, sports, hiking, or cooking, you will attract more people with similar interests.
  6. Fill out all the slots. When it comes to quantity, the more the better. Taking a few shots of you in a slightly different way is a good way to tell potential partners more about yourself.


  1. Don’t get carried away with photoshop. Modern photo processing services can literally do anything – add bunny ears or do makeup, as if you are a star from the cover of a magazine. You can hide small wrinkles or a pimple in a conspicuous place, but do not edit the photo beyond recognition. This can lead to frustration on the first date.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make new photos! If the search for a soul mate is not a hobby for you, but a life goal, register a profile and don’t spare money for a professional photo session.
  3. Don’t use old photos. Yes, this 10-year-old graduation photo is great, but now you are a completely different person. Upload a photo to your profile that was taken no earlier than six months ago. Do not try to be who you are not really.
  4. Don’t take photos where you are in bed. Photos in bed do not evoke thoughts about the seriousness of the intentions of the person captured on it.
  5. Don’t use photos where you wear sunglasses. No wonder they say that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul.” Sunglasses not only hide the eyes but also optically change your facial features.
  6. Don’t use low-quality photos. Pictures taken with a webcam are of poor quality with poorly recognizable facial features that should be avoided at all costs.