Audi TT Review – My Pulse Orange Lifestyle Car

Audi TT Review – My Pulse Orange Lifestyle Car

The day I first laid eyes on the Audi TT, it wasn’t just a car; it was a declaration of style, speed, and sheer fun. Picture this: a cinematic chase in ” Mission Impossible 2,” with Thandie Newton at the helm of an Audi TT. It was that moment, coupled with a longstanding admiration for Tom Cruise, that sparked my desire for this icon of automotive design.

Yet, it took years before I could weave my own narrative with the Audi TT, specifically one cloaked in the vibrant hue of pulse orange. Here’s the tale of how this car became not just a mode of transport, but a cornerstone of my luxury lifestyle, but sadly only for one week. Here is the story of my love for the Audi TT.

It is a car that anyone can portray an image of being stylish on all levels. I felt so funky in this car. Trending everything red and British tweed was the perfect combination colour with my Audi TT.

AudiTT Pulse Orange 2020 London Ritz Gracie Opulanza car review

Our debut? None other than the esteemed London Ritz Hotel. As I prepared to venture out, a woman, drawn by the magnetic pull of our matching orange ensembles, approached. Her compliments were not just about the car’s striking colour, but about the lifestyle it represented—a moment of serendipity that underscored the Audi TT’s allure.

The Audi TT, a veteran of the road, inspired me to ponder the lifestyle it encapsulates for 2020. Its performance during the relentless downpours brought on by storm Ciara was a testament to its prowess. Behind the wheel, wielding 242 horsepower amidst the storm, I felt a cocoon of safety.

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Orange Gracie Opulanza (2)

I am giving her my business card, not the keys!

Pulse Orange

The pulse orange of the TT is not just a colour; it’s a statement. Driving through central London, it commanded attention, its brilliance cutting through the dreariness of gloomy days. It wasn’t just about looking good; it was about feeling good, a beacon of positivity on wheels.

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Orange Gracie Opulanza (2)

Parking In Iconic Cities

Navigating through iconic cities like Oxford, Lemington Spa, and London, the Audi TT proved its mettle. It wasn’t just the ease of parking in bustling city spaces but the sheer style it exuded in every locale, from parking garages to the narrow roads of the Cotswolds. The TT was not just a car; it was a passport to the chicest spots in the country.

The sheer brilliance of this car transforms anyone in the driver’s seat into an icon of style. Take Terry, a dear friend now relishing retirement, who, behind the wheel of his Audi TT, exuded an air of undeniable cool. Navigating the bustling streets of Brighton, with its notorious traffic and the ever-elusive parking spots, seemed like a walk in the park with the Audi TT. Its agility, compactness, and remarkable ease of maneuvering into tight spaces solidify its status as the quintessential city car.

Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion Elderly Men (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion Elderly Men (2)

Slipping into parking garages felt like a breeze, and the allure of capturing this moment was irresistible. The pulse orange of my Audi TT seemed to be the trendsetter in garage aesthetics. Never before had I experienced such a fusion of style and parking prowess as I did with the Audi TT.

Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2)

Finding a parking spot in the bustling heart of London or the quaint lanes of the Cotswolds was never a challenge, thanks to the Audi TT’s compact size.

Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa

Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa was a highlight of my journey, showcasing the TT’s dual nature of work and play. Despite its compact size, the TT was a companion for leisurely escapes, embodying a lifestyle of spontaneous adventure and luxury.

Mallory Court Country House Hotel & Spa Elan Spa Audi TT

Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa

Mallory Court Country House Hotel & Spa Elan Spa Audi TT Orchard House

Boot Space

The spaciousness of the Audi TT’s boot is something I absolutely cherish. Witnessing others effortlessly tuck away their ski equipment has always impressed me, but it was my own experience that truly highlighted its capacity. On a whim, fueled by a surge of creativity, I acquired a painting—a piece that spoke to me on an inexplicable level.

To my delight, not only did the artwork fit snugly in the back, but there was also ample room for my suitcase and a myriad of smaller bags, a testament to the TT’s surprisingly generous storage. This feature is a godsend for someone with a penchant for spontaneous purchases, like myself, who seldom considers the practicalities of transport. The Audi TT, with its blend of style and practicality, seamlessly accommodates the whims of an impulsive shopper, ensuring that the thrill of the find is never dampened by logistical concerns.

AudiTT boot space MenStyleFashion 2020

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

Interior Design

Stepping into the Audi TT, I was greeted by an interior that effortlessly exceeded my expectations, a true testament to what I envision as the pinnacle of automotive elegance. The striking contrast between the vibrant orange and the sophisticated grey velvet seats was nothing short of a visual symphony, a design choice that speaks volumes of the car’s ability to meld luxury with a daring sense of style.

The MMI (Multi Media Interface) presented itself with clarity and intuitiveness that could only be described as user-friendly artistry, ensuring that every interaction felt like a seamless extension of my desires. And, as anticipated, the precision of the GPS was unparalleled, guiding me through the city’s veins with an accuracy that felt almost personal. This harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and technological sophistication encapsulates the essence of luxury driving, making every journey in the Audi TT an experience of comfort, style, and unwavering reliability.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review MenStyleFashion 2020 review (3)

Regarding the 242hp, enough said brilliant on all levels.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

Immersing myself in the liberating aura of the Audi TT, I found myself embracing a delightful disarray, scattering my sundry treasures across the floor with abandon. This act was not born of negligence, but from a profound sense of empowerment that the car instilled in me—a freedom to eschew the conventional tidiness for a more authentic expression of myself.

As a woman, the TT emboldened me to revel in this carefree chaos, where shoes mingled with jewels, and lipstick found companionship with a charger, all laying claim to their little piece of the car’s interior. It became a testament to the vibrant life I lead, a mobile mosaic of my workday essentials and personal artefacts, each item a snapshot of my day-to-day existence. In the TT, I discovered a space where my professional and personal worlds could coexist in beautiful, albeit messy, harmony.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

My mouth dropped as I entered my suite at the Cotswolds Hotel in Chipping Campden. Yes, it was a Pulse Orange week.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle ReviewAudi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2)

Storm Ciara

On a memorable journey from the pastoral beauty of the Cotswolds to the coastal charm of Brighton, the skies opened with a relentless deluge that tested both my resolve and the Audi TT’s mettle. As the rainfall intensified, transforming the roads into treacherous ribbons of uncertainty, the drive escalated into an odyssey through the storm.

Amidst a ballet of unpredictable drivers and the challenge of navigating through blurred visibility, I engaged the Audi TT in a dance of precision and foresight, seamlessly shifting between acceleration and braking with the finesse of a seasoned conductor. It was in these moments of heightened vigilance and strategic manoeuvring that I felt a profound connection with the car—a realization that this wasn’t just any vehicle, but a trusted ally in the face of adversity.

This drive, arguably one of my most demanding, underscored the TT’s prowess as a beacon of reliability and performance, cementing its place as not just a car, but my car, in every sense of the word.

I felt save, I could keep my distance knowing I had power behind me if I had to accelerate. It was solid on the road and very agile. 

Amidst the downpour, a vehicle veered across lanes unexpectedly, a moment that could have spelt disaster. Yet, the Audi TT’s brakes responded with such immediacy, matched only by the assertiveness of its horn, averting what could have been an unwelcome twist.

The pulse orange of the TT not only made a statement in aesthetics but proved its worth as a beacon of visibility in the storm’s veil, ensuring that even in the most tempestuous weather, it remained unmissably conspicuous.


In sum, the Audi TT is not just a vehicle; it’s a lifestyle, a statement of luxury, and a testament to the joy of driving. Its blend of style, safety, and performance underpins a narrative of adventure, set against the backdrop of Britain’s most iconic locales. In a world where cars are often seen merely as a means to an end, the Audi TT stands out as a beacon of lifestyle and luxury, a perfect match for those of us who live life in the pursuit of opulence and excitement. Now I have to convince my husband of getting one.

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