It was that iconic race off in Mission Impossible 2 where the first Audi TT for me became super cool. Ironically it was a woman, Thandie Netwton, racing it. Therefore from that moment onwards, the AudiTT for me belonged to women who want to look stylish, drive fast and have fun.

It is a car that anyone can portray an image of being stylish on all levels. I felt so funky in this car. Trending everything red and British tweed was the perfect combination colour with my AudiTT.

AudiTT Pulse Orange 2020 London Ritz Gracie Opulanza car review

This was me at the London Ritz hotel just about to drive off in this fabulous pulse orange Audi TT. This lovely lady who happened to be wearing an orange jacket randomly came up to me and commented on my style as well as the Audi TT. She was drawn to the colour as well as the whole lifestyle I was portraying.

This Audi TT has been around for a while so I was inspired by her. What is the lifestyle and image of anyone driving an Audi TT for 2020? Thanks to storm Ciara, how did the AudiTT perform in unrelenting rainstorms for hours? How safe did I feel behind the wheel of 242hp in the rain?

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Orange Gracie Opulanza (2)

I am giving her my business card, not the keys!

Pulse Orange

As a wow factor and standing out in central London goes, this pulse orange ticked all the boxes. As I drove out to the M40 I certainly noticed people staring at me. It is a great colour when its a gloomy kind of day. Which happened to last for days whilst driving it. So as a feel good factor goes, it put me in a good colour mood.

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Orange Gracie Opulanza (2)

Parking In Iconic Cities

My trip consisted of central London, Oxford, Lemington Spa, Stratford Upon Avon, the very narrow roads of the Cotswolds and Brighton. So if parking was going to be put to the test, I certainly gave this car a run for its money.

I could not believe how brilliant this car looked when anyone was behind the wheel. Terry now retired for me looked mean in his Audi TT machine. Brighton can be tricky regarding traffic and challenging when it comes to parking spaces. It was not an issue regarding the Audi TT. Being fast, nippy, small and easy to park in small spaces is why it is the perfect city car.

Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion Elderly Men (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion Elderly Men (2)

Parking garages were easy to access and I could not resist taking these shots. It seems pulse orange is all the rage when it comes to garage colours. I have never parked so stylish as I did in the Audi TT.

Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2) Audi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2)

Regarding the car being parked in central London let alone the Cotswolds, again not an issue at all, because it is small.

Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa

Now if Spa retreats are your thing I would highly recommend Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa. The Audi TT lifestyle is all about work and play. After a hard day’s work or taking the ladies on a weekend away, this car offers that. The back seats are small but it is a lifestyle car and one that could accommodate small trips without too much discomfort.

Mallory Court Country House Hotel & Spa Elan Spa Audi TT

Mallory Court Country House Elan Spa

Mallory Court Country House Hotel & Spa Elan Spa Audi TT Orchard House

Boot Space

I just adore how much space it has to offer. I have seen people often put their ski gear in the back with not too much effort. As I became in a creative mood, I ended up buying a painting. I could fit that plus my suitcase and lots of other little bags. Perfect for an impulsive lady like myself in where you end up buying a lot without thinking about the boot space.

AudiTT boot space MenStyleFashion 2020

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

Interior Design

As I expected the interior was stylish and I loved the contrast of the orange and grey velvet seats. The MMI interface is clear and the GPS as usual is precise.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review MenStyleFashion 2020 review (3)

Regarding the 242hp, enough said brilliant on all levels.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

I really got messy with this car throwing all my added extras on the floor. The reason being I felt so empowered as a woman in this car to be careless and free. I am confident as my work car this is how it would end up looking on the floor at least, shoes, jewelry, lipstick, and a charger.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle Review

My mouthed dropped as I entered my suite at Cotswolds Hotel in Chipping Campden. Yes it was a Pulse Orange week.

Audi TT - Pulse Orange Lifestyle ReviewAudi TT Pulse Orange MenStyleFashion 2020 (2)

Storm Ciara

On one particular day, I drove the from the Cotswolds to Brighton and the rain was unrelenting. It got worse as I drove and the clarity on the roads was dangerous. A combination of idiots on the road and me predicting when to brake or accelerate, I put this AudiTT to the performance test. I went into defensive and anticipation mode and this is when I knew this was my car. It was one of the most challenging drives for me in a long time.

I felt save, I could keep my distance knowing I had power behind me if I had to accelerate. It was solid on the road and very agile. 

At one point the rain was heavy a car crossed lanes out of know where. Yes, the brakes are very responsive and so is the horn. With pulse orange, it was the perfect colour to stand out and be noticed in storms like this.


Audi will bring an update later this year for the TT. What could they possibly change that I don’t already love? Yellow comes to mind.