London Sock Company – Sock Style Reviewed

London Sock Company – Sock Style Reviewed

The future of socks and who can wear them for 2020 has changed. I have been wearing London Sock Company, from the onset, even though it has been targeted directly to men. Whether I am dressing up wearing knee-high boots or training at the gym. Socks are just like underwear you wear them every day and I feel naked when I don’t wear socks with my shoes.

I am an advocate that socks add style and flair to any outfit in everyday situations.

They’re not just an accessory, they’re a way of inspiring and completing my everyday fashion message. That people do judge a person by their socks.


Sock Obsession

I buy socks in the way they look and feel. I have such a weakness for socks I can’t tell you how many different styles I own. But what I can say out of all the brands. London Sock Company’s quality by far are the most durable.

London Sock Company socks are knitted using high-quality yarns. They feel lovely on my feet and due to the rib style, they always feel tight. Nothing worse after a few wears and your socks have lost their elasticity.

I wear these socks every day, all day and they last for months. My male companions have expressed the same.


Simply Sartorial

In this darkest hour of uncertainty globally right now. Fashion has the most impact when it comes to mental health. It is why I love to dress up, look good and buy fashion. It is why I started my blog way back in 2012. I can’t emphasise enough to men that what you wear has an impact around you and others.

We can’t predict the future but we can steer it towards a better outcome. And never ever say there was nothing I could do when it comes to sock impact.

The Simply Sartorial Collection is a confident palette of bold, refined colours. What I like about the 15 choices is the contrast of dark socks for winter. Then bright colours for the rest of the year. The contrast with different coloured shoes is why every single part of my sock journey is crafted around my everyday needs.

That is why I understand when I am travelling the power of the socks I wear are crafted from super soft Scottish Lisle Cotton. 


Knee High Socks For Men

Can men wear knee-high socks? How and where would you need them?

The iconic East India Saffron in a knee-length is suited to the more traditional gent looking to elevate his style. A man who is not afraid to express the vibrant colour produced by saffron dyes. These knee-high socks are one of the most popular colourways that are extremely versatile.

The knee high soskcs are part of the  Simply Sartorial range, which was inspired by classic Savile Row style, these luxury cotton socks are subtly ribbed for comfort and sophisticated simplicity.

Composition: Scottish Lisle Thread Cotton 75%, Polyamide 23%, Elastane 2%.


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