Bamboo Spa By L’Occitane Jimbaran Bali Reviewed

Bamboo Spa By L’Occitane Jimbaran Bali Reviewed


Over the years, l have travelled to South East Asia many times. I love to go to this region to get pampered, massages, facials, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures come to my mind. These treatments are great for men and women and in my experience, this region has some of the best in the world. All around Asia, massages are popular from Balinese, Thai to the Japanese Shiatsu massages. It’s in their culture to pamper, explore and take care of themselves when it comes to body pampering and this includes men. My observation throughout my Asian trip which is now 4 weeks, is that l am noticing western men being more open to spa treatments. That includes facials, pedicures and body scrubs.

Bamboo Spa By l’Occitane

Last year l was on holiday in France in the Province area. I also explored the lavender region as one of my favorite brands is l’Occitane. Now unbeknownst to me whilst visiting Bali, l ventured to Jimbaran, a town just south of the main airport, I noticed a dedicated spa by l’Occitane. I was so excited that I had to try it out.

Now l have had hundreds of massage experiences all over the world during my lifetime and therefore l am kind of an expert when it comes to be on the receiving end of massages. Now Balinese massages and their techniques are very different to Thai massages.

From the moment l entered the day spa, the visual experience, the personal greeting and the divine smell was a clear message that this was a day spa that understood the philosophy of relaxation. I was greeted with a refreshing ice cold tea consisting of lime, ginger and peppermint. l have not tasted anything like it and the effect it had put me in the relaxation mood.



The running of water, the flowers and dark lighting just added to the ambiance. For such a strong brand such as l’Occitane, l would expect this. My huge treatment room was beautiful and was kitted out with a bamboo decor, there was relaxing music was during my treatment. I have been to spas where they get the music wrong but here it was just perfect.

Lavender Soothing Massage

I started on the treatment bed lying face down, for those who have never had the experience this is how a massage treatment begins. When looking down I looked at a bowl of sunflowers, I immediately felt I was back in the Provence. I just love these added touches that make the whole experience so good.



I was then greeted with the smell of lavender, which is my favourite smell and it reminded me of France and me walking through those lavender fields. I’m very familiar with l’Occitane products and I instantly recognised the smell and the thickness of the creams. Do products make a difference when you have a massage? Of course they do and it’s very personal, definitely one for you guys to explore.

The lavender was part of the “Lavender Soothing Massage” treatment. Fine lavender from Haute-Provence and its well-known calming benefits are fused with a blend of traditional massage techniques, Balinese, Swedish and Chinese. They all come together to comfort the body and bring calm and tranquillity to the mind. Stress and anxiety fade away to retrieve a pleasant state of peacefulness. Yes, this combination of three different techniques is something I have not had before and I must say it worked really well.


Treatment Room

The massage table and fabrics were clean and felt fresh, and as the lavender treatment began, my mind started to drift away. Yes, l was pondering why men don’t pamper themselves more often this way. There is growth in male grooming and spa treatments, but it is still way off the level that women are used to. All I can say is, gentlemen, life is stressful and opportunities only come to you once you enjoy it. The beauty about this spa is that it also comes with treatment rooms where couples can be treated together so why not enjoy the whole experience with your loved one?

Other Interesting Treatments For Men

Besides the Lavender Soothing Massage that I just had, the Bamboo Spa by l’Occitane offers three more massages all lasting 60 or 90 minutes:

  • Pure Balinese Massage – Ideal for persons with chronic tiredness
  • Aromachologie Relaxing Massage – Ideal for personswith sleeping problems
  • Deep Tissue Intense Relief Massage – Ideal for persons with muscle pains or who need to recuperate after a long journey

Another interesting treatment is the Verdon Vivifying Skincare for men which is a thirst quenching and energizing facial to meet the specific needs of male skin.

After one hour, when the massage finished, I felt extremely relaxed and I walked out of the Bamboo Spa, smelling of lavender, in time to enjoy the sunset over Jimbaran bay. I ended the day with some nice seafood dinning experience on the beach. A huge thanks to Ayu who made this all happen and for l’Occitane France, merci for creating some fabulous products.

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Details Bamboo Spa by l’Occitane

  • Website:
  • Address: Jalan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 361 703342
  • Price of massage: $73 for 60 mins $96 for 90 mins
  • Price of facial for men: $99 for 75 mins

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