Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam – Spa Treatments Reviewed

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam – Spa Treatments Reviewed

The Fusion Maia is based in the resort town of Danang Vietnam, and is located right on the beach and is only a 20 minutes drive away from Danang International airport. The unique thing about the Fusion Maia Danang is that all the Spa treatments are included in the prices of your private villa. Yes this is a resort with private pool villas only. The Fusion Maia Danang is situated right on a beautiful beach with a grand infinity pool overlooking it. There is also another pool within the spa area which caters for adults only. In this review I will focus on the Spa treatments I received, for a full review of the resort and its non spa facilities read my separate review here.

Fusion Feeling Treatments

The Fusion Maia has thought about everything to create the ultimate inspirational wellness lifestyle services. From the moment I arrived the individualised care was lovely and the wealth of treatments available was endless, there were 24 to be exact. From head to toe, the next few days I was going to be taken on a journey of my choice to experience and immerse myself in thoughtfully created wellness, with the intention of distressing and coming away feeling very relaxed. That certainly was achieved, throughout my stay here at Fusion Maia. I stayed only for 2 days and took as many treatments as my body, mind and time could handle, but if you can I would highly recommend staying here for a week.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Seven aromatic oils for the seven days of the week

The Facilities

The Spa building was separate to the rest of the resort. The Spa reception area was a nice open plan space, in where I was greeted by fresh tea and friendly staff. There was a private pool here and gardens where one can also choose to have high tea.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments ReviewedFusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Each spa treatment room smelled great and looked very clean. For those that are here with their partner then treatments can be in the same room at the same time with different therapists. I liked it how I could choose if my therapists would be male or female, I had no preference. In my private villa there was a white robe that I could use during my treatment, including slippers.

The Treatments

Here are the treatments I and my partner had. We had two treatments each for two days in a row.

Warm Pressure Massage

This was a warming massage that combined coconut oil with Ayurveda Swedish techniques to ease my muscle tension. This is the perfect massage to start the treatments with as it is pretty gentle. You can always go hardcore later.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Lotus Root Luxury

Earthing scrub with lotus root, raw oats and rice barn oil, carefully crafted for heart health. The treatment exfoliates, cleanses the skin and stimulates regeneration. After this treatment, my skin, smelt and felt wonderful.

Active Bamboo Roll Out

This is a warming, detoxing therapy using bamboo rolling techniques focused on the lymphatic system in the back and legs. The bamboo roll was very hot and felt amazing according to my partner. The strong pressure supports body detox and immunity.

Natural Aromatherapy Facial

A relaxing facial customised for kin. Hydrate your skin and stimulate cellular renewal with natural extracts high in anti-oxidants. This was a very gentle treatment and includes a head massage.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Day Two

Warm Sports Compress

This is a deep tissue therapy, using intense trigger point technique focusing on the back and shoulders to free stored tension in the body. This is the most intense treatment within the spa and it can be very painful, and my partner struggled. It was a real knock out so he just went and soaked up the sunset after this.

Coconut Envelope

A warming wrap with coconut and clove blended to replenish moisture and lovingly nourish the skin alongside with a relaxing fragrance. I loved how my husband’s skin felt and he smelt wonderful.

Himalayan Heart Stone

This is a gentle treatment with warm shaped heart salt stones. It looks very pretty indeed. Pomelo oil is all about promoting inner peace. The stone’s positive ions clear vibrations that no longer belong to the body. The hot stones during the treatment were bliss and really relaxed my muscle tension.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments ReviewedFusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed

Rose Bud Beauty

This is a peaceful polish with rosebuds, chia seeds and Himalayan salt. The treatment is about a superfood recipe that detoxes and tone the skin cells and fosters circulation. The treatment is for anti-ageing.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments ReviewedFusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed


The staff at the Spa were very professional and communicated very well during all treatments. Each treatment lasted on average 50 minutes and it varied depending on what I needed. The team were always there to guide me if I was not sure what I was after.

The products used were exclusive to Fusion Maia spa and this experience can only be found here. Along with the Spa treatments, there were many opportunities daily, in where I could do Yoga, Tai Chi, prayer relaxing meditations and stretching exercises

To fully appreciate and experience the many facilities and spa treatments, I highly recommend a seven-day stay. Each day there is a completely different programme so you will never be disappointed.

The Fusion Maia Danang is the perfect combination of a stunning setting, private villas, many swimming pool options and a word-class Spa with plenty of treatments. This was heaven here on earth.

Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam - Spa Treatments Reviewed


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