Beards – How To Get a Cool Looking Beard

Beards – How To Get a Cool Looking Beard

Chris Chasseaud beards

Whilst at London Collections Men, I couldn’t help but notice Chris Chasseaud’s amazing beard. So we asked him to give us some crucial tips on how to get a perfect beard like his. Chris highlighted that, you must recognise that it’s about getting a look that portrays a certain image. Chris’s advice is to customise your beard. It is not for every man and although you should persevere through the hard parts, sometimes giving up is your only option if it’s not working for you.

The Beard

It took almost two years to grow his beard, so this decision is not for the fainted-hearted and in his own words: “It’s a labor of love”. His beard is professionally trimmed often.

The Power of Having a Beard Like This

  • His partner loves it.
  • It’s a good conversation starter.
  • He gets a lot more attention. Chris has been photographed very often. In fact his labor of love is now featured in the 100 Beards 100 Days exhibition. He wonders why he never grew a beard before.

Chris explains that fashion for men takes time. When choosing clothing, they love good quality and well priced items. Finally, he makes it clear that men want to buy clothes that mix and match and that are not so much a follower of the trends.

Watch the video for more tips on how to get the beard.


Chris Chasseauds, Beard at London Collections Men 2013

Chris at London Collections, men 2013

Chris Chasseaud - beards

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Chris Chasseaud - beards

Chris Chasseaud - beards

Chris Chasseaud - beards

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