Beards For Teenagers – Five Newbie Tips

Beards For Teenagers – Five Newbie Tips

Beard gives a rugged look to boys, and as per many, it is synonymous to power. But, it’s a natural phenomenon, and while some are blessed with that rugged look, some need to put in some extra effort to get it.

As boys start growing up into men, few common thoughts come up in their mind: will I have a beard? If yes, when? If no, then how to grow a beard?

How Long Does It Take to Grow A Beard?

In case you think that the growth pattern of your beard is the same as your hair, then let me correct you; it is not exactly the same! There are a few basic differences between your scalp hair and your facial hair. Though your facial hair grows at a faster rate than your scalp’s hair, its growth does not start till you reach puberty.  Whereas, your scalp hair starts growing even before you are born.

The hormones triggering the growth of beard become active when you reach puberty, and thus they prompt the growth of your facial hair. Till that happens, you will not be able to grow a beard.

Mostly the growth of beard starts by the age of 15, but if you are in 20 and still facing challenges having a full-grown beard, it means your body is not very responsive to the hormones. On the contrary, if your body is excessively responsive, then your beard growth might start prior to 15.

However, some men never have a full-grown beard, and this is because of a deficiency in the level of the hormones.

Beards For Teenagers - Five Newbie Tips

So, what are these hormones that affect a beard?

Testosterone and DHT are the two hormones that you should know about if you want to learn how to grow a beard, as these are the hormones which trigger the growth of beard. On reaching puberty, these hormones are generated, and they travel through the blood to the follicles of the facial hair and finally triggers the growth.

Best Foods for A Healthy Beard

A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep you fit, and your body will respond more effectively to all the hormones in a much better way. So, draw a diet plan which includes an adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fat. Ensure to accompany it with enough sleep and minimal stress. While good food acts as a catalyst to the production of the male hormones; stress and less sleep can affect the level of testosterone and DTH.

Some food that can help you in increasing the level of testosterone and DTH are:

  1. Raisins
  2. Eggs
  3. Red meat
  4. Carbohydrate-rich food like potatoes
  5. Oranges or orange juices
  6. Nuts
  7. Milk products

In life, patience and time are two vital components in whatever you plan to do and growing a beard is no exception.

While nature has its own plan, it will surely help you if you can implement some simple steps in your life.

How to Grow A Beard Faster If You Are A Teenager?

So, if you are just 17 and still have no beard, relax! Remember you need to be patient and give time to your beard to grow. From the age of 14 as boys start getting a few facial hairs, they start becoming apprehensive about when the tiny dots will grow into a full-grown beard.

Mostly it starts growing by the time you are somewhere between 18 to 20 years old. Even if it doesn’t happen like that, do not get disheartened. With some innovation, you can surely give yourself a smart look with your attitude.

In the meanwhile, take proper care of your health as only a healthy body can develop healthy beard!

Also, follow the mentioned 5 steps and know how to grow a beard more effectively in a planned manner.

1. Accept what you’re working with

Look at the other male members in the family; study their facial hair growth pattern; compare yours with them and accept the bare facts of life. Growing beard does depend on your genes. So, if your father or grandfather, never had a good beard, you might face challenges too. It is important to know your family history and proceed accordingly. Instead of keeping false hopes, if you accept the truth, it will be easier for you to plan your future steps.

2. Decide the ‘why’ Of It

Like any other targets in life, first, decide on the purpose and have a clear notion about your intentions. Why do you want to grow a beard? Is it because your girlfriend likes it? Is it because your friends have it? Is it because you feel a beard can only give you the desired look and the masculine feel?  What is it and why do you want it? It is important to know the reason behind your eagerness to grow a beard, and only then you will be able to denote the desired time and energy.

3. Week 1 Survival

Is your beard growing for the first time? If yes, then the first week is more crucial for you than anyone else. Barring the look, the initial few days gives a strange feeling, and you will have a desperate urge to scratch your cheeks as it itches. Refrain from it as it might cause infection and also do not shave. There are good oils available in the market that can give you relief from the itching. Try to keep your cheeks clean and moisturized. It is also good to keep your body hydrated with loads of water and juices, to ensure it doesn’t go dry from within.

4. Give It Time!

Once you have survived the 1st week, you can decide whether you want the stubbles or want a full-grown beard and accordingly give it the desired shape. Here, your ‘why’ will play a major role. However, whatever might be the ultimate objective, it is good to let the beard grow for 1st one month. Give it time till you start styling with it. This will also give you clarity on the growth and volume of your beard.

5. Now It’s Time to Get Serious

Once nature has played its role, it’s time for you to do some real maintenance of the beard. If you are keen on giving full growth to your beard, you need to invest some time behind it.

  1. Regularly clean your beard like the way you clean your scalp hair.
  2. Condition your hair with some good quality conditioner and beard oil. Besides giving a healthy and shiny look, it will also give you relief from the itching.
  3. Post one month, you can start trimming your hair, or you can still wait to see how long your beard grows. While carelessly grown beard is at times preferred, trimming post the first month is completely your discretion. But, a little bit trimming around the areas where there is extra growth will give you a cleaner look.

To know how to grow a beard is not a tough job, but the challenge lies in abiding by the rules. Do not get disturbed by what others say about you. It’s your life, and you need to take the best care of it. Exercise, maintain a good diet, stay away from stress and follow the above-stated steps patiently and you will fall in love with yourself and your beard. Protection Status

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