Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible – 626 Horses Of Fun

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible – 626 Horses Of Fun

london-luxury-week-2015-300x120Over the years I always spotted this car brand and for me their target market was for the the rich elderly guy. The luxury car you would buy when you’re 50 years old. In Australia when you see a guy driving a Bentley the message is clear. Bentley’s are for property developers who showcase their fortunes on four wheels.


Shots were taken by Tony

Luxury Week London 2015

Over the last year, it was clear that MenStyleFashion had to host its first-ever event. Now being online and with a few hundred thousand followers it was clear that the only way to achieve this was through our social media engagement. We wanted to include YOU our followers in what we called Luxury Week London, the first-ever of its kind created. Yes, one big event over seven days no invitation required just join in at any time of the day into our periscope feeds, Myeye , Twitter, Facebook and if you like Instagram it. Your engagement made our week so much more interesting.

This is and was our pro-type on how we show you how to bring different brands together to showcase the world of luxury in a friendly and non-intimidating way. So when I heard that Bentley was going to loan me a car to drive between the various locations. I instantly thought Oh no are you serious, this car is not me. Here you have a luxury car, convertible with an insane twelve-cylinder engine and 626 horses under the bonnet. Convertibles are mostly purchased by retired people or young people without the kids. Do retired people want that much power in their car with their eye vision going down, and do young people aspire to the Bentley brand. I have never seen posters with a Bentley, they always seem to be Ferrari’s, Maserati’s or Lamborghini’s. So I have a chance of one week driving it and let you know who I think buys this type of car. I drove her for seven days staying at some of the prestigious places in London such as the Shangri La Hotel at The Shard London, Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living in Mayfair and to finally spread her wings when I drove her to London Golf Club. Yes for me the Bentley was a her and not a him, it was my car for one week.

Gracie Opulanza GT continental Speed Convertible Bentley coolluxry (4)

Let me give you an idea what was under that bonnet of Bentley The Continental GT Speed. The sheer force it had when driving her around the streets of London, I mean both in appearance and speed. Two common questions were asked on the streets of London how much horsepower has she got and how fast does she go.

Bentley The Continental GT Speed

Over the seven days we filmed her everywhere, I decided to include lots of people into my Bentley and there will be many interviews within my Bentley and what people thought about her. This is our own data research and my perspective on what I thought about the Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. My name is Gracie Opulanza and welcome to my world of Bentley.

After seven days of reviewing, I am sad to leave the Bentley behind, it had become part of me. I like luxury cars, I never in my life had a convertible, I love the attention that it gets you and I love the insane speed. And what is more me is that it still is something of a unique car. I like to be a pioneer and I love to be the centre of attention, this is my type of car.

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