Havok Racer Chronograph – Disrupting Luxury Watches Again

Havok Racer Chronograph – Disrupting Luxury Watches Again

Havok Racer

The inspiration for the Havok Racer came from vintage timepieces worn by race car drivers in the 1960’s. Prior to that, drivers wore stopwatches strapped to their wrist to track lap times.

Havok wanted to create a classic racing chronograph watch that captures the scent of exhaust and the sound of roaring engines. The Havok Racer embodies the soul and adrenaline rush of conquering impossible speeds. With timeless design, quality components and detailed craftsmanship, they have created the perfect racing timepiece whether you’re in the stands or the driver’s seat.


Several problems needed to be addressed as they designed a watch they could not find:

  • AFFORDABILITY: Under $200 on Kickstarter. Working direct to consumer, we pass the savings to you with radical transparency for a quality watch.
  • PRACTICALITY: We wanted a precision handmade watch useful enough for everyday wear. Functional & sensible in all situations.
  • DESIGN: Beautifully crafted for timelessness in a vintage design. No funky shapes or colors, just a classic timepiece.


They decided to design, create, and share a watch that solved all the problems faced. Havok sells direct to consumer, without any retail markups. At $139, the Racer beats out all competition while over-delivering on the components offered by anyone else- sapphire crystal, solid 316L steel case, debossed steel bezel, japanese movt, and more.



The Havok Racer is now available on Kickstarter, and the campaign has already received over $75,000 in funding. Hurry, there are still a few early bird specials available!

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