Gone are the days when people used the traditional methods of smoking or consuming alcohol to get high. The primary purpose was to enjoy the hit these products offered.

However, things have changed a lot over the years, and people have now become more cautious about their health and what they intake. So, to avoid the side effects caused by smoking, people have moved to the healthier option, i.e., vaping.

One of the key things that have made vaping an enjoyment is the flavour it comes with. Emerging vape brands offer various flavours to savour your palate and give you the right throat hit.

Esco Bars is one of the reckoned names in the industry. You’ll get every flavour type at this brand, from fruity tones to mocktail ones.

Usually, men have different taste preferences than women. But the flavours listed on Esco Bar official website suit every individual’s needs, irrespective of gender or age.

Top 5 Esco Bars Flavours for Men

If you are looking for some of the best flavours, ideal for men’s palates, keep reading this article. We have brought forth the top 5 flavours from Esco Bars that are sure to be loved by all men out there.

1. Icy Mint

Minty vape flavours are known to be an all-time favourite for any person. The primary reason is the cool and fresh feel it provides.

But now multiply that feel by two as the coolness and freshness of the flavour doubles with the Icy Mint flavour from Esco Bars.

This e-juice tone has a spearmint flavour with a lot of ice added. The combination creates an everlasting vaping experience with a boost of freshness.

2. Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is one flavour that has many fruit mixes, but none of it overpowers the other.

With this flavour, you’ll get subtle hints of all tropical tones and essences without being too sweet. It is the perfect choice for beginners looking to start with softer notes.

The flavour will also render your throat a chilled sensation, which provides the perfect balance of a refreshing experience and great taste.

3. Fuji Apple Ice

Fuji Apple Ice, as the name suggests, is great for those men who like the taste of apples yet seeks a subtle cold throat hit.

However, the apple flavour in this e-juice variant is very complex. It is because of the combination of sweet and sour apples.

This Esco Bars flavour gives a very crisp and juicy texture that will surely be one of your favourites. The best part about this flavour is that the overall aftertaste doesn’t feel too overpowering.

4. Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the popular e-liquid flavours due to its neutral taste and feel of usage.

Tobacco is the primary reason why people smoke. So when they get the same essence with a vape without actually burning it to the fullest, the flavour sure is unbeatable.

While vaping this flavour, you can expect tobacco’s raw and robust taste with a slight creamy hint. So, even with the traditional tobacco flavour, you can taste something unique and captivating.

5. Blueberry Ambrosia

The name of this flavour is as per its ingredients. The dominant flavours in this variant are blueberry and ambrosia apples. So, you can expect sweeter and softer tones while puffing it.

Also, the crisp and sweet flavour of Blueberry Ambrosia is perfectly blended with the right amount of fruity taste of honey. It gives a unique sweet undertone to the overall flavour, enhancing your vaping experience.

However, if you want a fantastic combination of such sweet and savoury tones, click here for more Esco Bar flavors review.

Final Words

When it comes to men, they are known to incline more toward cool and icy flavours. Nonetheless, there are a lot of other vape flavours at Esco Bars that are worth trying. Regardless of gender, it is also about the personal choice of customers.

Thus, with the wide variety of flavours Esco Bars offers, there is hardly going to be a person who won’t find their preference here!