There are a lot of businesses that have made the switch to online in recent years. The overheads tend to be lower and the target audience they could reach is potentially greater, so for some companies, it makes sense. For sports betting fans, this has left the occasional gap on the high street where a betting shop once stood. It’s sad to see the high street changing in this way, but has the bricks-and-mortar betting shop reached its peak? It turns out there are distinctly different pros and cons for the consumer when it comes to the online or offline betting debate, so in order for you to be able to make an informed decision, we’ve broken it down here for you.

horse racing

That tip on a long-priced racehorse might only have happened in your local betting shop

The Ability to Socialise

People are social creatures, so getting out and chatting with friends is really important for our well-being. When it comes to online betting, the social element just doesn’t factor into it. Though betting shops usually have a relatively quiet atmosphere, when a big sporting event is on, there’s always chatter. Just as going to the pub allows you to get to know a group of new people, so too does going to a local betting shop. Better than the pub though, everyone at the betting shop already has a common interest with you, sport. At Men Style Fashion we’ve covered guides to betting on different sports in some detail, but one of the best ways of learning is by talking to someone who knows what they’re doing. Tips for the big game or an undervalued racehorse are one of the major perks of real-life betting shops that online sites just can’t compete with.

Better Odds, Bigger Bonuses

On the other side of the coin, online betting sites have the big benefit of having lower overheads. This means that they can afford to give better odds and bigger bonuses to their customers. So huge is the competition for providing the best bonuses that there are whole websites dedicated to searching out the best ones. is one of these websites and focuses on offering impartial reviews of the facilities and bonuses available at individual betting sites. Having the ability to search for exactly the kind of bonus that you’re looking for is a massive money-saver for anyone who enjoys betting. So too is the ability to search out exactly the odds you want. If you’re placing a bet at the local betting shop then whatever the odds are on the day, they’re the odds you’ll be getting. However, if you’re betting online then you can shop around for the best odds and often find yourself a better deal. If saving money is your top priority then betting sites definitely have the upper hand.

Supporting Local Business

If the sight of shops closing down deeply affects you then the good news is that with a collective effort, it is possible to help. Whilst local betting shops might not provide such great value as online sites, they provide a place for sports fans to come together. For some people that’s very important and spending their money at their local betting shop ensures its future success. Money spent online could end up in a totally different country, whereas the chances of that happening when you’re spending in-store are far smaller. This is particularly true for independent betting shops, where it is far more likely that your money will circulate in the local economy.

Total Privacy

Total privacy

Having privacy and anonymity with your betting can only be achieved online

For some bettors, privacy is everything. The idea of walking into their local betting shop and being recognized does not sit well with them. They could have a job where it might not be looked upon well, or they could simply value their privacy. For people like this perhaps the biggest advantage of online betting is that they are afforded total anonymity. Sites have to be totally safe in order to be registered, so betting online is one of the most secure ways that you can enjoy your hobby privately.