Bjorn Borg Underwear – Glowing Range of Men Underwear

Bjorn Borg Underwear – Glowing Range of Men Underwear

bjorn borg underwear 2012

Bjorn Borg Underwear

Bjorn Borg carries the name of a legend, the rock star on the tennis court. He changed the classic way tennis players dress with the long hair and head band. It was rebellious to the tennis world at the time, and of course, is part of Swedish heritage. By tapping into his ball skills he has created another influential trend. I’m are talking about happy, sexy fashion underwear. The core product promotes a sex element but always with a sporty twist.

Why Do You Need To Wear Nice Loud Underwear

Simple to bring a playful foreplay into your bedroom. It can’t always be black and white because it’s important to think about your other half who will see them. It is nice to be attractive and colorful. It makes you feel like you are happy. They last for ages and they are very fun to look at. The latest glowing in the dark underwear certainly adds spice in the bedroom and again, a very creative approach to underwear. My partner owns this label and they look and feel amazing.

Fashion Caution

A friend told me a story about his best mate who was having a rough time in his relationship with his girlfriend. So, the friend sent his mate seven pairs of our new underwear and said, “This is what you need. You can’t take her for granted.” Then he wore a pair, and the first thing his girlfriend said was, “Are your cheating on me?”

It goes to show how much we do neglect our underwear and think that no one is looking. We need to change our mindset towards our underwear. Keeping in eye view that no matter if they are for your eyes only or the person down the road. Don’t neglect your valuable assets and embrace your underwear with lots of fashion fun.

bjorn borg underwear 2012


bjorn borg underwear 2012 - advertising capaign

Bjorn Borg 2012


2012 swimwear bjorn borg


bjorn borg underwear 2012 - advertising capaign


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