Men’s underwear is a mind field, when it comes to divided opinion, with choice ranging from boxers, to briefs and to the often mocked Y-fronts. We are enticed into buying certain brands, due to the oiled up, Adonis like figures, but do we really have much choice, when it comes to innovation? A pair of boxer shorts, to slip on under a pair of jeans, will more than likely fall into the realms of comfort over provocation. In this instance I wholly grasp the need for basics, such as the classic CK’s. Asking around I enquired as to the preferred style, that my sources would wear and they all chose boxers. I believe that lack of choice in fabrication and general key details, have brainwashed men into opting, for the more conservative of underwear choice.

 Victoria Secrets Versus Dull Underwear

Two words: Victoria Secrets! Bronzed goddesses sashaying down a theatrical catwalk and little more than pieces of dental floss, are heralded as ambassadors of beauty and sexual allure. Granted women’s underwear is a greatly successful and lucrative business, but why do we instinctively objectify women, as being the only gender that can be sexual. Men alike in recent years have fallen proud to the gym bug, working out to gain rippling muscles and bulging glutes, to then slip into a pasty grey pair of briefs. This to me seems somewhat of a waste, when men’s underwear has the opportunity to monopolise, on this growing vanity trend.

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 Practicality Versus Sex

If you were to think of a man’s thong for instance, the likelihood is two things will happen; you will either chortle at the thought, or secondly condemn the wearer to being effeminate or de-masculine. Similarly a jock strap to most men is a necessity for use, during certain sports, for keeping the mouse in the house, but they can also be a very alluring and provocative way, of wearing underwear. A prime example of ingenuity in design and desirability is lickstyle.com. To sit alongside the obligatory briefs and boxers, sits the mentioned jockstrap, which provides a focal point, for those squat ruined glutes.

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 Lace Underwear For Men?

As a designer I guess I have a very direct ideal, of how I expect men’s underwear to be, or translate into, which isn’t necessarily the requirements of many other consumers. I would love to see more expression and the use of fabrics such a lace, mesh and even delicate trims, to accent areas of sexualisation. I guess as a society we often only pigeonhole women, as being the sexier of the genders, with the now national treasure of the pin up girl. Men need to get themselves in on the action and have just as much right to feel sexy and sensual in their underwear, whether it’s in the bedroom or simply an alternative for a daily slog.

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 Don’t be Afraid to Push the Boundaries

If we can learn anything from this, it’s don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and allow ourselves to provoke and surprise. If your partner can’t handle you in a jock strap, or a pair of mesh boxers as an example, then quite frankly they’re obviously duller than a wet flannel and need to alter their ignorant perceptions of male sexual desirability. This shift in the norm will hopefully allow all men of varying shapes and sizes, freedom of expression and give a much needed boost, to the often stagnant underwear category.

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