Blazer And Suit Jacket – What Is The Difference?

Blazer And Suit Jacket – What Is The Difference?
Blazer & Suit Jacket - What Is The Difference?

Blazer & Suit Jacket

What is the difference between a blazer (or sport coat) and a suit jacket? Can you ever wear a suit jacket in place of a blazer? The real difference is that a suit jacket comes with a pair of matching pants. I often wear a navy blue suit jacket as a blazer. Lots of young, stylish actors and fashion designers favor wearing a slim, dark suit jacket with a pair of jeans. More casual suit jackets, such as corduroys or tweeds, are better candidates for moonlighting as separates than pin-striped ones are.

Suit Jackets Defined

A suit jacket always comes with pants and sometimes a vest. The fabrics are generally upscale, such as silk and fine wools. In addition, a suit jacket has a single, side or no vents, which are openings on the sides or backs of jackets. Some people also refer to these as slits. Modern jackets contain no vents and tend to fit a bit more snug as a result.

Blazers Defined

Blazers are usually solids in dark blue, navy, black, burgundy, dark green, red and white or ivory, according to My Custom Clothing. In addition, blazers must always have gold or silver buttons, while suit jackets should have matching buttons. Blazers can be single or double-breasted, meaning they have one or two rows of buttons. Typically, blazers have vents on the side rather than the back or no vent at all.

More so than ever the variety of blazers and sport jackets available are endless. Ted Baker London do wicked Blazers.


Summer Blazer


Blazers worn right can look so chic


How wicked is this leather blazer

Nick-Wooster,wearing a blazer

Nick Wooster is a master of wearing a blazer


One Direction embrace blazer fashion all the time

burberry-porsum winter fall-mens-suit

Suit Jacket

Embrace the Burberry Grey tweed suit this winter and you shall turns head for sure.

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