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Feminine Men’s Fashion

Men’s latest fashion seems to be linking in more and more with what women are wearing? It’s very controversial regarding who is getting attracted to this trend and the reason why it would appeal to the majority of males. How feminine can a man get or dress before he has become too feminine?

Why are current designers tampering with the boundaries of wanting men to wear skirts, stocking and lace lingerie? Simple for far too long men’s fashion has been safe, boring and lacked creativity. It’s not uncommon for straight men to see that they head into the women’s department for clothes. Why? Up until now they have found women’s fashion was fast, ever changing and a lot more appealing. Fearing that men’s fashion right now is far ‘too feminine’ could result in having put fashion behaviours into little boxes.

Fashion Cliché

From a woman’s perspective I’m fed up of seeing men’s fashion cliché. For far too long men’s collections have been playing it far too safe. Us women have taken much pride over the years of looking good, experimenting fashion boundaries and living a style era.

Men I encourage you to tap into your unfeminine side  which I am referring to being creative and experimental in what you embrace this year. Step out of the fashion norm and stereotypes of what a man should wear and surprise us. Tap into our guest author section and send in your take on how men should embrace fashion.



Diesel Black Gold Men 2012

Diesel Black Gold Men 2012

Dolce and Gabbana 2012 winter collection

topman 2012 spring summer

Topman 2012 spring summer

louis vuitton 2012 collection 

Great to see long hair is back

Topman fall winter 2012 – great to see long hair is back