Blazer Power – Celebrities Show Us Why

Blazer Power – Celebrities Show Us Why

louis Antoine Smith - British Gymnast

Blazer Power

I’ve never done this before but I am going to talk about two different men in one article. Why are these two hanging about London Collections: Men. What is the link between fashion for young men trying to establish their career. It’s very common for sports stars and musicians to link their own image with fashion. It’s smart marketing, especially where menswear is on the up and growing fast. For me they are effective powerful men that certainly can influence other guys way of  thinking regarding fashion.

Aston Merrygold

The former singer of JLS was looking rather bemused with what was happening. I think he was not prepared how fast and big this London Collections: Men has grown. Being a successful music artists you can make or break trends. It can make you one of the influential men dictating menswear.  Will.I.AM  is a perfect example. If one’s career is in transition hanging about men’s fashion week for me is a smart marketing move. It’s where one can become an aspiring successful fashion icon. Where he goes from here. Time will tell.

Aston Iain Merrygold - Former JLS Singer

Aston Iain Merrygold - Former JLS Singer

Louis Smith

I had the great pleasure in interviewing Louis Smith a Silver Medal Gymnast Olympic Winner. Unfortunately technology let me down. But I was impressed on his subject knowledge about fashion. I certainly loved what he had on. He was confident, clear and sharp. Hence it came to no surprise him winning medals. I have a thing about men and dancing, did you know that Smith in 2012 was the winner of the BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing. SIMPLE the key to MEN’S FASHION is about connecting more people to the sport and making the sport great. Then Louis Smith is going to be the guy who will do it both on and off the catwalk.

Louis Antoine Smith - British Gymnast Louis Antoine Smith - British Gymnast

Blazers a Versatile Necessity

One thing for sure the guys embraced two different blazers. They teamed them with their skinny jeans and trainers. It’s a nice casual touch to be running around at any event. Aston chose the effortless electric blue velvet blazer which looked amazing on him. And one that could be worn to the early hours.  As for Louis, true to his heritage roots and one that has taken the men’s fashion by storm this year. Is the African print blazer.He teamed it perfectly by choosing one colour from his blazer that being his burgundy skinny jeans.

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