My motto when it comes to jewellery, is the more the better! Granted there’s a danger of looking like Mr T’s lovechild, but if you choose the correct pieces, you will make the transition, to jewellery supremo. I often refer to myself, as a bit of a human magpie, with a very honed eye for classic and unusual pieces. Whether they’re vintage hand me downs, or the latest designer antiquities, I truly appreciate the beauty, of well-designed pieces. One of my tips is, choose your pieces wisely and bear in mind, that you get what you pay for. A cost effective piece, won’t stand the test of time and will more than likely leave you, covered in lashings of green transfer marks. Trawling over the latest designer gems, is often a time consuming (and expensive) chore, which is why I have enlisted my magpie eye, in showcasing the latest must haves:


Curbbz Bracelet By Curbbz

If you seek style fused with a street led edge, then look no further than Curbbz. A business that has seen its following, dramatically increase over recent months, they offer desirable pieces, with an expanding selection of colour ways. The base of the bracelets, are greatly robust silicone links, which not only allows great comfort, but beautifully set off the metallic central links. Subtle branding in the form of an engraved link, is just the right amount, without detracting away from the pieces themselves. As mentioned they are available in a selection of easy to wear shades, from elegant crisp white, to the beauty of camo print. Varying in 2 sizes, these are incredibly easy to wear and can be stacked up, to add maximum impact.


Giant Skeleton Necklace By Vivienne Westwood

Westwood is the epitome of a sincere eclectic mix, of the weird and wonderful and this piece is true testament to this. As seen in previous collections, it has now arisen from the grave and evolved itself, into an oversized skeleton charm, set onto a rather delicate, imitation rhodium chain. Standing tall at an impressive 19cm, allows the ultimate visual impact and will beautifully set off, a plain shirt or tee. The rose gold quality of the necklace, is a perfect compromise, for those who are somewhat intolerant of brash gold jewellery. The jovial nature of the overall design, makes this is very desirable and collectable treasure

High Waves Bracelet By Kenzo


A clever fusion of zinc alloy, entwined in a sea of printed nylon, is the perfect easy to wear piece. The signature Kenzo stripe, is giving a fresh update with the painterly effect print, which heralds a nod back to nautical. Chunky links with their brushed finish, add an industrial element to the piece and give an unusual contradiction, to the light and airy fabric component. Due to the generous dimensions of the bracelet, I believe it excels itself, in the visual impact it has, as a stand-alone piece.

If all of the above hasn’t wet your appetite for more, then I’m afraid you just aren’t the magpie, I had hoped you’d be. With a tremendous amount of subjective choice out there, the key is to choose well and create as much impact as possible.

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