Fred Bennett Jewellery – Accessories For The Modern Man

Fred Bennett Jewellery – Accessories For The Modern Man

Fred Bennett Jewellery

Men’s jewellery can be a contentious issue. For many, the idea of wearing a chain necklace or strap bracelet conjures to mind images of outdated rappers or parts of the Seventies best left forgotten. With such an emphasis placed upon the layering of clothes in men’s fashion to achieve a rather immaculate look (faux-cluttered or no), it can be all too easy for an accessory to destabilise the whole outfit and render it garish.

With this in mind, Fred Bennett’s range of jewellery provides a range of items that can subtly enhance your wardrobe without dominating it. Favouring the stylistics of so-called alternative jewellery but free of the overt rock impulses that can overshadow its peers, this range of accessories is an ideal collection for the man who feels traditional jewellery offers an outdated, uninspired look.

Located in the heart of London’s fashion district, Fred Bennett’s designers are firmly inspired by the constantly morphing cityscape around them. However, where other London based jewellery designers favour an ethos of quirky, British heritage, Fred Bennett favours a contemporary approach inflected with the urban reality of city living.

Favouring the gleam of sterling silver, free of unnecessary colours or gaudy crystals, the collection’s items are instead defined by their sparing use of enamel, wood and Tiger’s Eye in arresting shapes and textural settings. These items exude a minimalist, geometric aesthetic that asks not to be grouped up and worn as an ensemble, but as a choice addition to your look.

The Fred Bennett range functions perfectly as a finishing touch to the current block colour and all-denim trends when used in a considered manner, with the luscious browns of the Tigers Eye ring and wooden bracelets particularly complementing indigo blue jackets. Have a look at some of the collection’s items below, and see why Fred Bennett is bringing something a little different to the accessory table.

Fred Bennett Jewellery - cufflinks

Fred Bennett Jewellery - ring

Fred Bennett Jewellery - necklace

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