Bliss Spa Barcelona – Triple Oxygen Treatment Reviewed

Bliss Spa Barcelona – Triple Oxygen Treatment Reviewed

I am still quiet a newbie when it comes to daily grooming let alone having a full blown facial. There is a first for everything, so I headed to the Bliss Spa Barcelona which is part of the iconic W Barcelona hotel. The treatment “Homme” improvement is the masculine version of the Bliss Triple Oxygen Treatment, which is described as the must have facial for any well-groomed guy.


The W Barcelona, also know as Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel), was opened in 2009 on reclaimed land near the harbour entrace. It is an iconic building and is hard not to miss. The entrance of the Spa was easy to find as well with big bold letters Bliss near its entrance.  The entrance takes you through the shop where plenty of bliss branded goods are waiting to be bought.

The Spa was one level down, where I was shown the impressive changing facilities, which included a waiting area stocked with Cava, cakes and other last minute items you have before facing your treatment. After filling out a quick questionnaire I was taken to the treatment room.


A quick drink of Cava before facing my Triple Oxygen treatment

Homme Improvement Treatment

I was told the “homme” improvent treatment, known as the triple oxygen treatment™, would last about 75 minutes and is the best seller among the male treatments. This treatment includes intensive cleansing, exfoliating, a fruit acid wash, a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, necessary extractions, a calming oxygen mask, and vitaminized oxygen spray.


Treatment room


The treatment started with applying the peel, and for newbies like me, I was shocked that it was quite painful when applying. It has a kind of stinging feel to it, same like applying aftershave just after a wet shave. Whilst I was waiting for the peel to work, I received a gentle head massage. After a few minutes, the stinging feel was disappearing and I was in a relaxed mode listening to some gentle tunes.

Pre-extraction Oxygen Wrap

The next step was the Pre-extraction oxygen wrap, which was a cream that was applied on my face, then wrapped in thin plastic and then I hot wet towel was applied to it. My eyes had some cloth over it to cover them as well. This wrap will make your skin really soft and open up the pores which were needed for the next phase of this treatment. Whilst the wrap was on my face I received a gentle massage to both my arms.


My skin after the Oxygen wrap came off.


After the wrap was taken off and the product gently washed away, the next step of the treatment started, extraction. My blackheads were being attacked and this is, unfortunately, the most uncomfortable part of the entire facial treatment. Especially the area around my nose and the nose itself was being cleaned from any possible blackheads. My twice-weekly scrub can not even get rid of the most persistent blackheads. It was painful but then I thought if you want beautiful skin you have to suffer, no pain no gain here.

Triple Oxygen Mask

After my skin had been successfully extracted from years of blackheads, the Triple Oxygen cream and mask was applied. Finally no more painful treatment, this was a gently bubbly foam which felt really cool and relaxing. Whilst the mask was doing its work I got a foot massage and I was back in relaxing mode which after the extraction was welcome.

Vitamin Oxygen Spray

One more wrap with a hot towel and I was ready for the last step which is a hydrating enzyme pack and vitaminized oxygen spray. The enzyme pack was nothing more than a cream applied with massaging technique. After that, my face was wrapped up with this seaweed looking type of cover along with a hot towel. Once that was off my face was gently sprayed with an “Oxygen Sprite”. This was warm vanilla smelling Oxygen spray enriched with vitamins.

The Result

The result was amazing, my skin looked younger and refreshed, there was absolutely no sign of blackheads. Would this be my monthly treatment, no, but this could be my twice-yearly treatment. It just like a car that you polish twice a year, that is how I will treat my face from now on.


The result – skin looks refreshed and no more blackheads.

The Bliss Spa is not only for people that stay at the W Barcelona it is open to anyone. It is well-designed Spa with great facilities where you are truly feeling pampered. This is something guys also deserve and is not an area only for women. Give yourself a treatment next time you are in Barcelona.



  • Website: Bliss Spa Barcelona
  • Address: Bliss Spa Barcelona at W Barcelona, Placa de la Rosa dels Vents, 1, Final Passeig de Joan de Borbo, Barcelona, Spain
  • Telephone: +34 93 295 2858
  • Email:  [email protected]

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