Have you ever thought of pursuing fashion in the UK? The world of fashion in the UK is a big society that includes designers, writers, business developers, strategists, photographers, and new media specialists. The fashion industry gives almost £21 Billion to the economy of the UK. Studying fashion in the UK will provide you with knowledge and opportunity in the fashion industry that other countries might not have. Studying abroad can also give you a beneficial experience. Now that you’ve been looking into fashion schools, you might as well check the application for UK citizenship and get advice on immigration

It is essential to be sure that the university you are choosing to study fashion offers a great experience, a good working environment, styling, design, business fashion, and the opportunity to study in a working environment. Looking for the right university that can help you learn more about your desired fashion course can help you know the industry better and help you find a successful job faster. 

Usually, you will more likely be judged by your work portfolio than the fashion school you came from when it comes to fashion. However, some fashion schools do hold a reputation and have better connections. After all, what better place to study fashion than the UK with fashion capitals such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan nearby. This article will list five top fashion schools in the UK worth considering to study. 

Central Saint Martins – College In London, England

Having fashion icon names such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, and Sarah Burton being a part of the school’s alumni, this fashion school has proven itself to be one of the best fashion design schools in the UK. In their 3 to 4-year program, students need to pick from five different pathways to specialize in. 5 choices are Fashion Design Womenswear, Fashion Design Menswear, Fashion Design With Knitwear, Fashion Print, and Fashion Design Marketing. This school also offers a chance to collaborate with known businesses such as Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal Professional. 

Central Saint Martins

Kingston University

This university offers its students the chance to work with established companies to better understand and undergo what it’s like to work in the fashion industry. This fashion design school has an impressive 91% employability rate from post-grads finding work immediately within the six months of graduating from their course. This school takes pride in its revolutionary fashion expertise and advanced technology. If you are somehow yet unsure if a fashion course is the right career path for you, this university offers a four-day course that introduces you to the fashion design industry that could help you influence your decision. 

Kingston university

University Of The Creative Arts

This university is the place for innovative thinkers, experimentalists, and those who have a unique approach when it comes to fashion. This fashion design school is packed with the latest technology and dedicated studio space. Select students are also given a chance to study abroad in one of the university’s multiple partner institutions. The brands associated with this school include Tommy Hilfiger, Jenny Packham, and Reiss. 


University Of Westminster

Fashion students from the University of Westminster are given a clear insight into how their chosen fashion industry works. This school exposes students to how fashion operates and how to be successful with it. This university has many talks led by notable industry names such as Julian Ganio and Lou Stoppard. 

University of Westminster

Nottingham Trent University

This university has over 40 years worth of graduates who took the course of fashion design. The university has a spectacular 94% employment rate from its fresh graduates. The fashion design courses in this university are not easy to get into, and they cover modules design innovation, fashion drawing, and pattern cutting. The course’s centre of attention is on market awareness and cutting-edge technology. Students are encouraged to use the university’s business relationships for better work experience within the fashion industry. The courses in this university also work with international summer internship programs that cover overseas fashion houses. 

Nottingham Trent University


These are the five top fashion design universities you should consider studying in the UK. These five schools offer great prestige, knowledge, and connections in the fashion industry. Want to learn fashion design in the UK but aren’t a citizen? We recommend hiring an immigration lawyer, especially if you are looking into how to get US citizenship, to help you fulfil your fashion design dreams with your student visa! Studying abroad in the UK may be a bit stressful and tiring to handle, but having a specialist to assist you with the necessary papers and requirements you will need can make the experience a whole lot easier and stress-free.