Briu Homme – Street Fashion To Challenge Minds

Briu Homme – Street Fashion To Challenge Minds

Briu Homme

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Jonathan Briu the creative Director behind Briu Homme. Jonathan has been a long tome follower of MenStylefashion via Twitter and this is how I got into contact with him when he wanted to show MenStyleFashion his latest collections.

Frames of Mind

The first collection he showed me was the a Pre Summer Capsule Collection called “Frames of Mind” exclusive for a Japanese retailer called Uneek. I must say the collection changed my mind and In a personal Q& A later in this article I will ask some questions to Jonathan. The Capsule includes 4 looks, each one to a specific uncommon subject, depression and suicide.

Jonathan’s personal manifesto that he firmly stands for:

Pursue the insignificant Empty perception of concept. Accept the chaos of property, its activity and function. While seeking the law of external reality. Through the empty chaos of life.

Creative Direction: YÜTH,  Videography: Great Carroll, Edit: Prévoir

Spring Summer 14 – Human Instrumentality

Spring/Summer 14′ – derives from a culmination of beliefs as a human entity. The tools of humanity represented in today’s society and how it affects us as a whole. Briu Homme’s message for S/S 14′ entitles specific paths that are represented in each look for the collection. (Sages of The Seven Gates, Seven Deadly Sins, Path of Wisdom, Path of Sorrow, Path of Dispair, Path of Solomon, The Gate Path, Second Gate Path, Second Sage, Acranum, Alkahestry, Path of Ishvalah, Path of Lilith). Each individual look is a piece of Instrumentality. Leading up to the final end stage of the project of Human Instrumentality – which is to create an existence where nobody existed singularly, but merely as part of the whole. In Instrumentality, the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others, thus erasing the insecurities in people’s hearts.

Photo Credit: Danny Roche and Greta Caroll

Film credit: Maps Glover

Interview with Jonathan Briu

1. Jonathan tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into the fashion industry?

I come from a background of tailoring. My grandfather was a tailor, and from a young age I was taught tailoring as a skill set. Back in that time, it was essential to have certain artisanal skills in order to preserve whatever articles of clothing was handed down to you. I studied architecture, which essentially enhanced my skill set in tailoring. I’ve also been working in Street wear for 4 years now. Subconsciously, I would say I’ve always been working with clothing of some sort. Whether it is engineering textiles, pattern making or design. 

2. I love the SS14 collection, what was the inspiration behind it and how did you come up with all the different names about each look?

Arturo, I’m glad you find the collection intriguing. SS14-“Human Instrumentality” for me was not an inspiration. But more so a direct reflection of myself and how I relate to this complacent world. Each look is derived from a direct moment, emotion or tragedy that I’ve dealt with in the past. Each one is connected to another by the strings of conceptual purpose to deliver that emotion and moment itself. I wanted to directly reflect the current state of society by focusing on Human issues and what ties them directly from an emotional mirror to allow the audience to reflect on such aspect and views.

As for the meaning of the names the first look for example “The Sages of The Seven Gates” the name derives from The Seven Gates of Hell. This garment contains an extreme level of symmetry. The sigil if you take notice contains the names of the angels that guard each gate. It is essential for me and the consumer that acquires this piece to understand that you are the guardian of your own gate, and your own hell.

I would love to get into the other looks but this would require a more in depth overall delivery for a better presentation. Words wont suffice.

3. The Capsule collection Frames of Mind which includes topics like depression and suicide got me thinking. Who will wear this and will it aid discussion in these difficult to talk about areas?

The Capsule Collection “Frames of Mind” are just that…Frames of mind. Bits and pieces of my mental stream that were taboo to voice and speak about at the dinner table. From a young age, I’ve experienced great loss and brushed many shoulders with both friends and family members who have perished to both depression and suicide. It is extremely troubling that we as people shun away such topics. The walls tend to get smaller and the noise gets louder at night.

The purpose for this capsule was to bring about the uncommon subject of such taboo references to common perception and conversation. Not retail. My end goal is to raise awareness of such topics and prevent the next scenario that will lead to a great loss of a fellow family member or friend.

The person who wears this is aware of purpose and meaning behind a garment and is greatly enforced by their belief of bringing these topics into the conversation.

 4. What more can we expect from you in the near future fashion wise?

Meaning and Purpose.

5. What type of men is interested in your collection and what would you say to people that are thinking about wearing your collection?

The people interested in my collection are very niche. Very direct. I don’t necessarily consider a “type” that is interested in my work. But more so the person who also relates to the conversation that I’m translating through garment. I find them to be enticed and enamored by the work and craftsmanship of it.  For the people planning on wearing my collection my overall interest is to deliver purpose to a garment. I engineer my own fabric. For example; The fabric that my shirts are made from have several capabilities such as impermeability and the ability to not wrinkle. I want to build your wardrobe and continue the consumer base relation through engineering purposeful garments.

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