Double Denim – A Trend to Avoid

As we know trends come and go and then they make a glorious return. This spring saw the return of a trend that seems to return to us like a bad penny, what trend am I talking about?  Double Denim of course! This is a trend that seems to come round once every couple of years, like florals, double denim seems to be one of those go to spring styles for designers.

Now although I am a fan of a good pair of jeans or a denim shirt one thing I am not a fan of is combining the two. Earlier this year many fashion publications featured double denim and its triumphant return with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch sporting the look. *Queue hoards of shoppers flocking to various high street outlets to get in on the double denim action.*

Why Not!?

The reason why I don’t like this look is because for me you either look uncoordinated, like you belong on a ranch in Texas or a throwback from the 90’s. Even the superbly stylish Becks doesn’t seem to be able to pull off this look.

Roll on Summer

There is probably a photo somewhere of me sporting this look, but it is a look I won’t repeat and will be happy to see the back of.

As always style is subjective and I am sure some readers of this would whole heartedly disagree with me. That’s what makes style and fashion such an interesting thing to write about.

Anyway roll on summer so we can see the back of this trend, for another few years.

David Beckham - Wearing Double Denim (1)

David Beckham - Wearing Double DenimDavid Beckham - Wearing Double Denim (2) David Beckham - Wearing Double Denim (29)

Jason-Statham-RRL-Dark-Denim-double denim