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Brogues For Men - 2014

There was a time when to wear a pair of brogues was seen as old fashioned or conservative. The brogue was the preserve of the social elite, worn by city bankers and at gentleman’s clubs, and they most certainly weren’t worn down a London boozer on a Saturday night by a bunch of 20-year olds all sporting moustaches.

Oh how times and fashion change.

Brogues Gives You So Much Variety

No matter how you choose to spend your time away from the rigours of work, the brogue has become a key element in any mans wardrobe. It is now a multi faceted item of footwear which no longer has to be worn by old gents in old suits but is regularly worn by young men in sharp suits and skinny jeans.

There is not a high street store or e-commerce retailer who doesn’t stock a plethora of brogues from numerous brands who have all taken advantage of the brogue boon; plus plain brown or black is now the exception rather than the rule. From two-tone brogues to floral prints, sole units in a myriad of colours to patent leather, the gents of yesteryear wouldn’t know what had hit them if they saw the choice of brogues at the consumers disposal in the 21st Century.

I often talk about the diversity of certain clothes and footwear options and how such items help to mould our wardrobe choices into rounded collections rather than stand-alone pieces which can only be worn on specific occasions. The brogue gives you so much variety that there would be no harm wearing them to work during the day before changing in to jeans and t-shirts for the evening while at the same juncture, retaining those well worn brogues.

From the office all the way to the Chirstmas party, from suits – wear those trousers hems high to really show off your brogues – to your weekend jeans, as footwear goes, the brogue ticks the boxes off both fashion and style. And that’s something no one should ignore.

My Take on The Best Pair of Brogues

Here is my take in three pairs of brogues:

Daniel Boi Men S Patent Lace Up Brogue

Daniel Boi Men’s Patent Lace Up Brogue Black Leather

Take the classic brogue and add a patent leather twist and you have combined perfectly the worlds of fashion and formal footwear. Available from Daniel footwear, who offer a fine range of brogues in various finishes, these happen to be my favourites.

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