Double Monk Strap Shoes – The Dressiest Of All Men’s Shoes

Double Monk Strap Shoes – The Dressiest Of All Men’s Shoes

Double Monk Straps

Monk strap or even better double monk strap shoes are the dressiest of all men’s shoes. Whilst looking good with a suit, monk straps go now with almost anything, you can easily team them up with a pair of jeans. The double monk straps are more advanced than ever before, with elastic hidden straps making them comfortable to wear.

The Greyton Silver From Bexley

Double monk straps come in a variety of prices ranges, today I am trying out a pair called the Greyton Silver from, a French online retailer with worldwide shipping. Bexley also has 13 shops, 12 in France and 1 in Brussels. The pair is normally priced at around £100 / €139 which is a good price, this can even be further discounted if you order more pairs of shoes in the same order. From the 24th of July the Greyton Silver will be on sale and reduced to €89, which even represents better value.


The Greyton Silver – Double Monk Strap from

Coming from an Italian background I was intrigued to see what the Greyton Silver double monk strap had to offer. First impressions on the shoes always count so I like the toe end it was the first thing that struck my eye. The shoe itself is blake welted with anilin boxcalf leather on a leather outsole with leather welt, inside the shoe is fully lined with cow leather. The shoe felt beautifully made and oozes quality. When trying them on they initially felt stiff and tight around the ankles, but that is expected from these type of shoes. After a week of wearing them they completely molded to my feet and now feel comfortable and supportive. So I can honestly say that I am impressed with the quality for this price point.

What To Wear

Now it really comes to personal taste and for me this shoe needs to be teamed with the right outfit to give you the completed look. I would be wearing it a with smart suit a dressed shirt and a drakes pocket square. However this shoes can also be worn with something more casual like linen or jeans.


Double Monk Straps worn with jeans



Last but not least double monk straps make a perfect shoe for the modern groom and I would certainly consider the Greyton silver.



Slippery Leather Sole

Now I’ve learnt the hard way regarding new leather soles, yes falling flat on my back. Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Did you know it’s actually a major cause of injury, with over one million reported slip, trip, or fall injuries each year in the U.S. alone. So the second thing I did when I got my Double Monk Straps was to make sure I scuffed the soles. To do this, I walked around on rough surface like, for instance, concrete (the rougher, the better).  These shoes were instantly comfortable but I would recommend wearing them around the office before going on long walks. But hey they are suited and booted shoes not trainers.

For those that have not owned a pair before, the Greyton Silver shoes from Bexley are certainly value for money. Double monk straps are dressy enough to wear with the finest of suits and look great in work attire. In my opinion, a very nice monk strap is one of the most elegant shoes available second only to a beautiful whole cut oxford.




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