The popularity of the Zcash cryptocurrency is on the rise. It’s relatively new but holds the promise of a viable Bitcoin alternative while also offering investors some privacy. Below, we consider both coins – their basics, charts, and prices.

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Bitcoin vs. Zcash


Bitcoin was the first coin to hit the market and has been leading it since its creation. No other coin has been able to beat it. However, early Bitcoin users experienced numerous flaws in its makeup and developed new coins to address those flaws.


Zcash is a well-known privacy coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Transactions with Zcash are posted on the public blockchain too. However, unlike Bitcoin, users have the option to make their transactions confidential and can shield their addresses to ensure financial privacy.

Transactions are verified with zero-knowledge proof ensuring that the identity of the receiver or sender, and the amount of the transaction, aren’t revealed. In the case of audit or compliance, the selective disclosure feature allows the user to share details only of selected transactions.

Prices and Charts


Bitcoin is recognized for being the first digital currency in the world. The price is very volatile, so traders have to always speculate on it.

Price and Chart

The price and chart for BTC are always changing. The volatility means that you have to follow real-time prices and charts. You can stay up to date on the latest forecasts and news on Bitcoin which will allow you to plan properly, based on technical and fundamental analysis.


Zcash coin is built based on science to protect privacy. Users can make some transaction details open for auditing and legal purposes.

Price and Chart

The live price for Zcash changes constantly as well but it currently has a CoinMarketCap ranking of 49, with a current price of $116.41.

The Future of Zcash and Bitcoin

The future looks good for both currencies. There’s almost a certainty to Bitcoin but experts also predict that Zcash will continue to do well and by 2028, it might reach $10,000. The privacy of this coin ensures it’s in demand. Zcash is close to the top of crypto lists because of its similarity to Bitcoin and because it makes BTC more convenient and secure.

BTC to ZEC Conversion Rate

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Final Thoughts About Zcash and Bitcoin

The Zcash coin allows for privacy in blockchain transactions, which is what investors have been looking for since it became known that Bitcoin doesn’t have full privacy. So, Zcash is targeting a critical market niche and will continue to be a strong market competitor for some time. As an alternative solution, Pionex is also a great option for managing digital assets.

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