Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Venice – Palazzo Hotel Reviewed

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Venice – Palazzo Hotel Reviewed

Ca’ Sagredo Hotel is a 15th Century palazzo in Venice situated and overlooking the Grand Canal. It is one of those hotels steeped in history with an immense original interior, it is was one of the most famous palazzos in Venice. The creation of this palazzo is very distinguished by its grace and elegance. For guests at Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, it is all about experiencing how a noble family once lived. 

Venetian Palace - Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Grand Canal Venice Italy (7)

It is very nostalgic to see how locals still live here, even with mass tourism returning. Above you can see the view of the Grand Canal, the main artery of Venice and opposite you can see the local fish market which comes alive at the early hours of 5 am. During the day you can see the many gondolas passing by and crossing the canal and you can hear the majestic sounds of boats and Riva taxis.

Ca'-Sagredo-Hotel Grand Canal


As a true Venetian hotel, you can reach the hotel either by water or by land. The hotel has its own pier entrance as well as a side entrance used for land access. Either way, you will enter a beautiful and spacious reception area.

Carl Friednrick suitcase

Take a local taxi boat from the hotel’s own pier.

For all guest, I recommend not to take the elevator to your room but to take the stairs as these are a piece of art surrounded by beautiful frescos. I never took the elevator and used these stairs all the time, they offer the perfect setting for some great photo and film sessions. By booking a stay here one is supporting and promoting Italian culture and creativity.

Ca Sagredo staircase hotel grand canal

It is really like walking back in time and being in a museum. This hotel has a fascinating past, it is an architectural gem.

Ca'-Sagredo-Hotel--Vebtian-palazzo-italy--(1).jpg-ballroom-1 Ca'-Sagredo-Hotel--Vebtian-palazzo-italy--(1).jpg-ballroom-1


The Fresco is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid lime plaster. There are stunning examples and it is noted that the hotel has some of the most preserved frescos in Venice.

fresco Ca'-Sagredo-Hotel Ballroom Venice

I just sat here and was always intrigued by how it is created. Water is used as the vehicle for the dry-powder pigment to merge with the plaster, and with the setting of the plaster, the painting becomes an integral part of the wall or ceiling. This hotel stay gave me time to appreciate the artists of the past.

Sala Di Sebastiano Ricci

One of the top suites of the hotel is the Sala Di Sebastiano Ricci which is the third Suite overlooking Campo di Santa Sofia. This suite features rich stucco works decorating the ceiling.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel , a Luxury Palace 5 star

This ceiling decorated in dusty pink is part of the original room where the noble Sagredo family once slept. This suite that is decorated in delicate pastel shades, is perfect for those who are seeking a historical Venice experience.

Ca Sagredo 15th Century Grand Canal Venice (2) Suite

Enjoy this ceiling from your bed, who needs a TV in a room like this.

Suiet Ca Sagredo 15th Century Grand Canal Venice (2) Rialto Market Grand Canal

Staircase & Drawing Room

This is the staircase leading to the drawing room from where you can access the suites, I never took the lift as every time I walked up and down the stairs, it gave me goosebumps

Ca Sagredo Venice Hotel Staircase Grand Canal (3)

Ca Sagredo 15th Century Grand Canal Venice (2)

Grand Canal Terrace

It is an absolute gem to be able to wine and dine in this setting. Loving life is also loving to eat and Ca’ Sagredo offers the perfect alfresco atmosphere for eating and drinking. It is the perfect romantic area for any time of the day.

Grand Canal Double

The 30/35sqm room overlooks the Grand Canal. I liked the dusty pink bed with Italian bed linen and the curtains. The room had a special fusion of art and design, like a nice modern touch of a renaissance. Sleeping in this room with a view of the Grand Canal is all about going back to the origins of Venice’s past.

Venetian Palace - Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Grand Canal Venice Italy (3)

Staying in Ca’ Sagredo is such a unique experience one that no other hotel in Venice can copy. It is a question of ability, culture and historical memories, Made In Venice is what this 15th palazzo is all about.

Grand Canal Riva Boat


The bathroom was large and the towels were soft, cosey and welcoming. The amenities smelt and felt lovely on my body.

Venetian Palace - Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Grand Canal Venice Italy (3)

Enjoying the Decorations

Everywhere I looked in this hotel it was the attention to detail by its historical painters and craftsmen that just took my breath away. It is so special to be able to experience, be part and also sustaining this art for future generations by staying at Ca’ Segredo.

Venetian Palace - Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Grand Canal Venice Italy (2)

An original chandelier dating back to the 15th century.

The common rooms throughout C’ Sagredo are screaming for an event so attendants can experience that opulence that would have occurred in the past. These rooms provide the perfect historical background for a wedding celebration or an Alta Moda fashion event.

Ca Sagredo palazzo venice

The chandeliers and tapestry throughout the hotel are magnificent, they have never been restored so their imperfections are there for us to see. Venice is saturated with amazing history.

Grand Canal view from Ca' Sagredo hotel.

The balcony of the hotel overlooking the Grand Canal.


Venice is like no other place on earth and the Ca’ Sagredo hotel experience is like no other hotel experience in Venice. A stay here is a memory that will last for a lifetime.


  • Room reviewed: Grand Canal Double
  • Website:
  • Address: Campo Santa Sofia, 4198/99, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Phone: +39 041 241 3111

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